Smoke with briles

So he was in recruiting pictures over the weekend. I know he is scheduled to get a raise post msu but the paperwork wasn’t signed yet. Is this serious or does the u if a have him under control at say 1.5 million next season?

No real upside for KB to make lateral move to TCU & with more risk. He has an established offense at Arkansas that in '23 should make him more marketable for a HC position - which he wants. Arkansas will match any reasonable $ offer.

In general, I have nothing against KB.

That said, it’s getting to the point that I wish he would just go and we could replace him. This constant drama isn’t worth it.

Go from 17th total offense to say 40 and it’ll be worth it

As I said, no problem with him or his coaching. But the constant distraction is an issue.

Either leave or put out the “Not for hire” sign and turn all offers away until next off-season. Not too much to ask at this point, IMO.


If you have good coaches, to be expected that losing them or competing offers are now the norm. Seems that Saban is constantly having to replace coordinators & coaches & still surviving - the burden of success in college sports.

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Kendall and his agent will leverage the interest from TCU for a nice raise, the offense next year (if we can have some luck with injuries) will be very good, Briles will finally get the HC offer he wants, Loggains will do well at SoCarolina for one year and then move back home to be our DC. I know there are armchair coaches all over Hog nation that think they know more than Pittman, Stoops, Beamer, etc. about Loggains ability but they will just have to suck that up and get over it. JMVVVVVHO

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Now wiz, you wouldn’t turn down folks coming at you with potentially better jobs and more money would you? I certainly won’t. It is good to be wanted. Good to have folks that others want.

Selfishly I want him to stay as I think this offense could be absolutely dangerous next year and if he leaves I am scared as all get out that his replacement results in us losing some of our core guys.

I am not ready nor desire a lunney offense and I figure loggains ship has a non compete in it.

Not sure who I would want.

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What is the source of the so-called constant drama? Is he creating constant drama? Or are other schools looking at him as a possibility because they know he’s good? Or are posters creating constant drama. Can’t blame him for posters. And can’t blame him for other schools thinking he’s good, in fact that’s a plus, want an OC nobody else wants?

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Believe Briles will be at UofA for one more year. Surprised we retained Odom & Briles as long as we did. If Briles offense has a great '23 season, he will have HC opportunities & offers.

TCU had a great '22 season that may have been a unique event for TCU so any letdown in '23 will reflect on their OC, including Briles. Arkansas is a better place & opportunity for him in '23. Of course he will use TCU (& MSU) as opportunities for pay raises.

Hopeful that UofA can attract some former players & successful coaches to return to Arkansas for coordinator roles & perhaps groom them for the HC position. No doubt CSP & HY have a short list of potentials.

For who? Who is distracted?

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it’s sounding like it’s a very good possibility he will take the job… long as it doesn’t affect KJ leaving or us losing these three good receivers we just got I’m okay with it.

The only people distracted are people on various boards who think fan sites are legitimate outlets for “inside news”. Absolutely no trust worthy sources have come out to say Briles/TCU is a real thing.


We need “ricepig’s” opinion on this one. Is he staying or leaving?

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I disagree - there are a couple of Arkansas media insiders that have said it’s a very real possibility.


The media that often is a ballyhooed group of gossipers. Something has to gather attention and eyeballs or your livelihood is in jeopardy. I find it difficult to believe that Brile’s agent isn’t using every means possible to up his client’s (and his) income during all this hullabaloo.

Which ones?

A competitor to HI - will leave it at that. They may end up being wrong, but it’s not just anonymous message board posters saying it’s a real possibility.

I think I know who you’re talking about and there seems to be some that say it’s not quite a done deal as TCU would think.I think we know something today.

Isn’t that person just referencing his TCU equivalent and claiming they broke this first when it actually started with Frogs Today which is just some fan run website? Not trying to be difficult here but I am not seeing the legitimacy.