Smith must go

I cannot recall a single tine i have posted for a firing. These guys are human and often the victim of mush-headed 19 years olds. I pull for our coaches to not be fired, even the ones I question.

That said, Smith should be relieved immediately.

As the quintessential “glass is half full” fan, I see a glass with a gaping hole in the bottom. We need a new glass immediately.

Yep… I agree. This season can be salvaged but changes have to be made now. I’m really not sure what the point would be in keeping him. Things have continued to get worse since 2014 under his watch.

I’m with you on this. The “glass half full” perspective resonates with me.

Agree. Scheme needs to change in this off week and I do not think he is the one to do it.

Give it a try, nothing to lose but money (his buy out). But I think it is much more about the Jimmys and Joes than it is Xs and Os.

Further, I just don’t think we are ever going to get the Jimmys and Joes we need to compete. I used to think that. Don’t anymore.

Yeap, I agree the defense looks lost all the time and are not attacking, we are base and don’t show any different looks…

No doubt the talent needs to improve, but we have basically the same guys back that we had last year and we are a worse defense. We were decent against the run last year and bad against the pass. Now we are awful at both. We have to be more aggressive and better coached. Staying the course is not working. It is time for Bielema to make a change in the DC.

If our offense can’t score 50 points, we will probably loose, which is just plain sad…

The team embarrassed themselves and the entire state of Arkansas. Is that the product we’re paying all this money for? Someone, and possibly others, need to go just to regain a portion of credibility with the fan base after that display of incompetence. You would have thought Bo Jackson was in the backfield. I believe the young men have the talent to compete. The coaches have to be held accountable for this beat-down of monumental proportions. Smith has to go.

We’ll see what gives in the off week. CBB could probably demote him. I doubt it. CBB is too stubborn. CBB keeps talking about setting the edge against spread teams. Either the defensive staff can’t coach it, the players don’t understand the scheme or our players are truly are interior- I don’t believe that. Something has to change or we’ll see banners flying around the stadium soon. I hope he makes changes. I like the way he runs the program.

Let’s go after Bama’s DC for a change. They look better than when Coach Smart was coaching them. I’m sure there’s a no compete but since he is in year 1 I say let’s go try.

How good is Pruitt if he doesn’t have Bama’s talent at every position on defense?

Coach Pruitt is one of the reasons Mark Richt is now coaching at Miami. At Alabama a lot of coaches look really smart. Hell Larry Coker and Gene Chizik won national championships. It is simple: Jimmy and Joe. Only got 24 like we need. Gonna need at least 24 more.