Smart move by Sean Miller of Arizona

Yes… the same Sean Miller implicated in the 100,000 dollar

His smart move is… you can’t be forced to vacate tournament
wins if you don’t win any tournament games!!

Looks like the Buffs and gonna beat his AZ… :slight_smile:

:o :shock: :lol:

Got beat by 21 by a 13 seed. Worst first round loss by a top-4 seed since the tournament expanded in 1986. Not good for your job security either, along with conspiring to pay off recruits with the FBI listening.

This loss is the least of his worries at this time one would think ! WPS

I believe University of Arizona has rejected the conspiracy story.

Yeah, but has the FBI? Hard to coach and recruit from Club Fed.

I lost faith with the NCAA when they cleared the kid from Mich St. they accepted Mich St’s Review and findings. Now, anyone that knows about Larry Nassar, seems would have to question any findings by MSU in regards to anything.

I still am not sure how the FBI is involved. Lawyers on here have said that paying a recruit to go to a specific school is NOT ILLEGAL. It’s against NCAA rules, but?

As I understand it, the legal theory is that coaches, agents, shoe executives, etc., are defrauding schools through these conspiracies and payments. Not sure that will hold up in court, but FBI not normally prone to wild goose chases.

Well Hellooooooooooo Buf-a Looooeeee. Welcome to the have another brew thirty two. Great showing by the Pac-12 eh? That might have been the worst showing ever by a Power 5 conference. Does everyone now see the perils of having a win at any cost coach? Would anyone trade our program for Zona’a right now?