Smallest Crowd Ever??

Been going to games since 66, this was the smallest crowd I have ever seen, no way there were more than 25,000 at kickoff and a lot of them left at halftime. Hogs played hard but just couldn’t pull out the win.

I was there also I said the same thing. Hope the there were some B O T members there that saw the same thing

Does it really matter, whether they saw it or not, I think it is long decided a new Coach is coming? I am more concerned that recruits both in person and on television saw it. Seems that some don’t mind the impact of their scorched earth mentality. Likely many of the same that will be part of fueling future fires.

No, the crowd was just more spread out because of more available seats.

That’s for sure, there were a bunch of seats available.

There was an LSU game at WMS in the 90s with way less attendance than that. Homecoming 1997 too, loss to Auburn.

Not saying it was not part of the mess that we are currently going
through that caused some of this, but there is another factor involved
as well.

Modern Gun Deer Season just opened. In all the years I’ve been going
to games that has always taken a toll on attendance this time of year.
Face it, we live in a state filled to the brim with hunting enthusiasts. I’d
almost be willing to place a bet if you forced many of them to choose
between the Razorbacks vs hunting, the razorbacks would lose out.

We are almost the patron state of tromping through the woods to shoot
shit. Like it or not, that always effects games this time of year.

Would be interesting to look at attendance numbers for say the last 20
years and I’d bet you’d see a dip this time of year.

Sat next to a gentleman yesterday that was attending his first Razorback game ever. He told me he had been at deer camp since the season opened and would have been there today if his son wouldn’t have given him tickets for his birthday. We talked, froze our butts off and cheered the Hogs on.

It was nice to sit next to someone that didn’t complain about the coach or AD, and came to enjoy the game.

The crowd size was affected by several factors: early start, weather, game being on TV, deer season, and yes, apathy from bandwagon fans.

Duck season started yesterday as well

It was also Republic of Latvia Proclamation Day.

LSU crowd in Fayetteville in ‘92 was the smallest actual crowd I have ever seen along with the one mentioned at WMS. I almost had a whole section to myself in RS that cold, cold day.

If I remember correctly, I had to push snow out of my seat at that game. It was damn cold.

The game I remember in Fayetteville with snow in seats was right after Halloween against Auburn. It was definitely the coldest game I ever attended in Fayetteville. There was a game in LR when Nutt was still the coach against LSU that I nearly froze my butt off. We left at halftime. My feet felt numb walking back to car. We had 2 extra tickets to game and couldn’t give them away.

There were lots of folks in covered seats yesterday, in the suites. I recall lots of games when there were no suites that it looked a lot like yesterday. Go back to the 1992 LSU game in Fayetteville, in the snow. Zero folks from LSU, maybe not 500, maybe not 200. MSU brought a lot more than that, although it wasn’t a significant number. Starkville is just too pretty this time of year to follow a No. 16 team north.

Back in '92 you had no south end zone and a fraction of the covered seats. So that crowd yesterday topped what was also an empty stadium in that final game of 1992 on a cold and snowy day. Much colder, much nastier.

I left the press box that day to go to the field at the end of the game. I didn’t have to walk through aisles. I just went sideways through the bleacher seats to get to the field. Smallest crowd I can remember was that '92 Arkansas-LSU game.

I’m old. I’ve seen lots of bad crowds. Usually, weather and bad teams came together to do that, just like yesterday.

I was at a game in Fayetteville against Baylor in SWC days. Had to sit through sleet the entire game. Wasn’t on TV back then but fans didn’t really show up. Baylor’s strength coach spent entire game running up and down sideline in his green Baylor T-shirt waving a white towel. I was hoping he was trying to surrender so we could go home.

I has guessed about 30-35 thousand, but it was the smallest crowd I have seen in modern times.