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Everyone here knows that my best friend is Louis Campbell, formerly a secondary coach at Arkansas and at other places. His son is Shep Campbell, a Fayetteville High grad and UCA grad. Shep gave coaching a whirl and was at Lambuth College for a brief time. One of his players was Dominique Bowman. Shep’s training came a lot from his dad. He did coach for his dad at Sheridan High before getting into private business. He’s a broker for Carl Grimes for a long-standing company that helps people buy and sell companies. Shep has been successful in this business and I consider him to be good at it.

But Shep is proud of his time coaching and considers Bowman one of his proteges. He helped him get into the coaching business. and has always been a reference. He doesn’t need Shep’s references now because it was only as a player. But Shep will tell you the same thing that everyone else is saying, he’s a dynamic personality and is a technician in the way he coaches the secondary. Shep is proud that Bowman is following in his dad’s footsteps and so is Louis.

There is a side note on Louis. He’s 10 days out from rotator cuff surgery. It’s apparently gone well, although that’s hardly the way anyone who has had it well tell you. Louis has had three knee replacement surgeries and he said that this is far tougher and more painful. He’s beyond the serious pain part of the rotator cuff and doing well in rehab.

I talk to him every other day just to make sure he’s progressing. And, to wake him up for a nap now and then just to be mean. He said he’s married to his recliner and Gunsmoke re-runs. He isn’t able to get comfortable in bed and sleeps in four hour stretches. It sounds typical for anyone I’ve known with rehab from rotator cuff.

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Exactly - you cant sleep in a bed for several days. Godspeed to Mr. Campbell

Most importantly, will he be able to handle a fly rod?

He’s counting down the days until he can fish. Hopefully in April for the Caddis hatch.

More good feed back on the Bowman hire.

Now Louis & those 3 knee replacements & a RC surgery. Counting down the days until he can fly fish. One tough cat.

Not only tough, but one of the best guys ever. We really enjoy our time together. Mostly we are talking about fly fishing or river conditions. But we’ll talk some ball at times. He is a wealth of knowledge.

Commitment, perseverance, performance, professionalism. It’s easy to see why the two of you have become best friends. Birds of a feather flock together has never seemed more apropos.

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