Small world department

Chick Fil A opened their second restaurant on Oahu earlier this month at Al’s Moana Mall. Went there for lunch today wearing an Arkansas Razorback polo. Met Malcom Sheppard’s niece and also met a Harding graduate. Both here at Oahu to train up the new staff. Always refreshing to meet good southern folk.
UA…Campus of Champions


You are so fortunate to live there

Last week I had a guy approach me in a Costco asking where I was from in Arkansas. He saw my Hog shirt. He graduated from Central and went to school at Arkansas. He was wearing a Bama shirt. I’ve had folks approach me all over the US and in places as far away as Turkey because of my Hog shirts. Always fun to talk to fellow Hogs.


I won’t ever wear a Bama Shirt!
My Hog shirts and hats have been with me on all
My travels it’s nice for people to ask and most want to hear the hog call! The trick is to get them to call the hogs with you!


I’ve been blessed to live in our great state all my life. Always happy to run into other Arkansans while out-of-state.

There’s a chance Megan and I might retire elsewhere. If so, I know it will be even more special.


I give away hog hats when I’m overseas. Every trip home I load up on every style available. The boys love em, well until they realize what that animal is on the front of that hat. (In some middle east countries)

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