*** Small Sample Size Alert ***

http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/518/p7

Arkansas is 307 out of 347 in 3pt percentage defense. Teams are shooting 40% beyond the arc against the Hogs.

http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/519/p4

Arkansas is actually losing the turnover margin, giving up 0.3 more turnovers a game than receiving.

http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/151/p4

Arkansas is 170th in the country in rebounding margin, out rebounding opponents by 1.8 a game.

http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/286/p6

Arkansas is 296th in the country in fouls per game, 22.8.

SMALL SAMPLE SIZE #### but something to keep an eye on.

This makes me sad. I know its a small sample size, but we are playing scrubs.

Cmon. Do your homework. We aren’t and haven’t been playing scrubs. Fort Wayne beat Indiana. UTA is picked to win the Sun Belt and returns most of the players from a 24-win team.

I don’t know how good Minnesota will be, but they have started quickly and look to be much improved.

There are reasons for concern with this team (turnovers, worse-than-expected shooting, perimeter defense) but to make value judgments 4 games in when we have 8 new players is premature–particularly if you are considering our schedule “scrubs”.

3pt defense failings is no small sample size. been achiles heel for years. difference between fastest 40 and 40 minutes of hell seems to be a whole lot of uncontested treys. cmon Mike

Oh, I get it. I understand your reasoning.

Don’t matter how much lipstick you put on a pig, it is still a pig. I remember a day where we would punish these stellar teams for stepping foot on the court with us. I just keep forgetting that was 20 years and several coaches ago.

Your statement was that they have been playing scrubs.

Thats just not true using any metric.

Plenty of stuff to criticize, but in my opinion that is not one.

Not the least bit surprised. Eyes don’t lie. We are what we are. Get used to it cause nothing is going to change. Well win most of home games, might split on road in sec, get blown out at least once more, might go to NCAA and win one game and be done. Coach will get a raise and extension and long will declare total victory

Not sure if you remember, I suspect you do but win your home games and split on the road was the basis Nolan lived by.

That’s the recipe for all but a handful of teams. A road win is harder to come by in college hoops than any other major sport.

Our road struggles rightly get a lot of attention but won’t most don’t report is that but for the blueboods, the vast majority of college basketball teams struggle on the road.

Btw, since this thread started, UTA beat a team (Fordham) from a very solid basketball conference (A 10) that has seemed to send more teams to the NCAAt than the SEC, lately.