Small fire at stadium

There was a small fire inside Razorback Stadium today. A hot dog roller caught fire in one of the concession stands on the east side, but the fire was put out by the sprinkler system. There was no smoke or water damage.

UAPD and the Fayetteville Fire Department were called to the scene.

I hope we’re on fire on Saturday!


Now I know why I haven’t been able to get a hot dog at any game this year. I was going to the concession stands on gameday, when I should’ve been going two days early.

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Y’all need to try CJ’s Butcher Boy Burgers at the stadium. You will be glad you did.

You know I went to their place on Weddington Rd Texas weekend and wasn’t that impressed. Thought Smitty’s Garage was much better.

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We sometimes stop at the CJ’s in Russellville on the way up to Fayetteville. We really like their burgers and fries.

I prefer CJs over Smitty’s.

I prefer Smitty’s or Feltner’s over CJ’s, although I’ll gladly eat all.

The trick at CJ’s is to get the add-ons. I love the cheesburgers with mushrooms. I have not found the perfect combination in how to order at Smitty’s. They do their burgers almost fried away all the juice. I prefer a medium burger, but they smash them so thin that there is not juice. CJs will cook them medium and I love that.

My wife doesn’t eat burgers often, unless it’s turkey. She can get that at Smitty’s, or some other things that fit her healthy style better. So she like’s Smitty’s.

You can’t go wrong at any of these, but Hugo’s needs to be added to this discussion. It’s top shelf as far as burgers or the Derek’s Chicken sandwich.


I prefer the specialty burgers I can get from Smitty’s, either the guacamole or jalapeño burgers, as I like more than meat, cheese, and bread. However, I do like a good greasy cheeseburger from time to time.

You guys are making me hungry :yum:

CJ’s also has wonderful shakes. I’m somewhat prejudiced because the owner Keith Wilson is family.

I like Keith, so I choose to spend money there. The food is good, too, but not too good for you. :grinning:

My son loves the grilled cheese and strawberry shakes. The burgers are good and so is the grilled chicken salad.

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We’re proud of Keith. He played American Legion baseball in Pine Bluff with Tori Hunter. They still stay in touch.

Biggest problem with CJ’s is it’s on Weddington, the traffic there at times is a big no for me, lol.

Yup, there are times you just do not want to be on that road and make a turn.

I can understand that. My house is about 3 miles west of CJ’s, so I have to be on Wedington a lot. I guess I’m used to it.

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Yeah, compared to Dallas, Houston, LA, or any big city, it’s nothing, but I tend to get use to driving the speed limit and going somewhere. I like Feltner’s shakes, I haven’t had one of CJ’s, I’ll try it next time I’m there.

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My wife brought burgers home last night from feltner’s they are sure good.

Same, I grew up off Sang and live over by Owl Creek so I guess I’m just used to it by now.

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