You know what, I can see why he quit. This has happened over and over again in Fayetteville. You have overzealous cops wanting to take down a Hog athlete. If I was him, I would leave too. From what we saw on the video, it was no big deal. He doesn’t have that much to gain from the transfer portal. I love Fayettenamm, but the FPD seems to be a bit over the top. I guess I will get slammed for this post, but have seen this too much over the years.


I wouldn’t think any of us are really in a position to talk about all of that. There’s probably a lot that went into it, and we don’t know the whole story (on either side).

It may have been related to the arrest, or maybe not. We don’t know, because nobody is saying.

Sam sure seemed disgusted with him leaving and hasn’t been that way about others.

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Even if he was done as wrong as you seem certain he was, what would have been the harm of finishing with his team? Won’t he have some academic issues to finish to be able to transfer that will require some connection virtually or otherwise. The game was in Columbia, so he might not of had to go to Fayetteville, if this were an issue.

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Sorry guys. Keith, I don’t even understand your last sentence “the game was in Columbia, so he might not of had to go to Fayetteville”? According to the video of the scene, he was arrested in the city of Fayetteville for nothing. His reputation was besmirched by an overzealous FPD cop. I have been here for 50 years, and I’ve seen it over and over again.


Just meant if he was reluctant to go back to Fayetteville and he had returned home to Tulsa (seemingly his post indicated he was there) and if he wanted to stay on the team through the final game, could he have traveled from Tulsa to Columbia on his own to meet up with the team.

Keith, all I can see is that he saw an injustice to him, and that he wanted nothing to do with Fayetteville cops or the Razorbacks. Can you imagine being handcuffed and arrested for getting together with your friends on Dickson and West? Did you see the video?


We better hope very few of our recruits see that video, but you know it will be used against us. Slusher might as well have been chilling in Harrison. What a disgrace.


Was only trying to explain what I said in my post that you said you didn’t understand.

irunalot, you are not alone in your opinion. Fayetteville PD has the worse reputation of the four PD’s in NWA and it has been pretty much this way the fifty years you note and beyond. While college towns tend have friction between students and authority as represented police but the FPD has a longstanding racists element that extends back to the fifties. Please recall Washington County historically had a very low percentage of nonwhite population.


Then you address it through the legal system…you don’t take it out on your teammates

And they will show the US News and World Report where Fayetteville is named best place to live in the SEC again and again and again…

Some simply can’t remove their bias against authority but Fayetteville is a very progressive college town and if he was wronged then address it through the legal system.


How to address it in the legal system ? What are your thoughts on how that could be done ?

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file suit…I imagine there are any number of attorneys who would take the case and maybe even pro bono like the ACLU

I am not big on lawsuits but my point is he should address it that way if he feels he was wronged…not take it out on your teammates by quitting the team the week before the last game.

And…why did he play against Ole Miss then??

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He played against Ole Miss…

Here is the problem . Slusher and other don’t have to stay in Fayetteville and fight the charges , with the transfer portal they can just go some where else.

We that will always love our team would like to think we would fight it. But kids today don’t have the same feelings we had and we dont have the fear of police they have .

Do you remember the problems the basketball team had when Todd Day was there, I assure you if they could have transferred they would have.

If I am recruiting again the hogs you can bet its the first thing I show to the Mommas !

I hope this get resolved and corrected. So you know I’m along way from woke. but that was wrong the way the Police acted in that video .



Suing the police officer while the police department has criminal charges pending against you isn’t the wisest thing. This will likely never go to court. He will pay the Fayetteville prosecutor less than he would have to pay attorneys to file a civil suit and he will be done with it. No doubt it will come up in future recruiting battles though.

I hope we all take a long look at your post.

US World Reports regarding attractive places to live have little to do with “attractiveness” for people of color who see FPD video’s quite differently than folks who call Uber for a lift after an office party.

Momma, of any race or creed, want their children safe when they leave the known environment of home for college. What I find of concern about the Slusher case is CSP’s response. His (CSP) reputation, and plus the Hill’s reputation is on the line. I don’t know what has occurred behind the scenes, but I have yet to see anything that tells me that any “got-your-back” advocacy is happening. It could be. I would have expected this “touching-a-law-enforcement-call” to receive the same reaction as a referee’s overreaction at the game. It was, and is, BS. Nothing more than expressed defensiveness from an inadequately trained, young, inexperienced patrol officer profiling a crowd of students and then focusing on one guy who by his behavior deserved the officer’s focus. From this point, no one’s interest was met and the officer clearly overreacted by any community policing standard protocol. There was no assault. The officer’s inexperience and fear took over in treating a nonhostile touch as an attempted assault. Poor police work from a community policing standpoint. Should Slusher “got away with it?” Give him a warning ticket and notify CSP’s office.

The AD should realize millions can be spent on NILs plus the illusion of a family-based program that is here one day and gone the next in the new world recruiting wars with the Portal and the NIL. Any Arkansas player of color has already received a propaganda lace message concerning this incident. It is a new world where stealing another team’s players has become open season and nice guys finish last. . Please think through the implication of the Todd Day reference above recalling the basketball player did not have today’s option of transfer without penalty.


Have wondered whether the history of player incidents & arrests by FPD has somewhat tarnished our reputation to recruit players. Perhaps player arrests are common at other school & we don’t hear about it. No doubt that other programs use the claim that FPD targets players (regardless of it being valid or not) as an opportunity to persuade recruits to not sign with Arkansas.

If the same exact situation happened at Tuscaloosa, the cop would have been fired within one minute of their review of the body cam, followed by a public apology to Saban. Said another way, there is no way in hell that would have happened in Tuscaloosa.


The charges don’t go away just because he transfers. He still has to deal with them. And I will not be a bit surprised if Slush’s lawyer doesn’t get the charges tossed based on the bodycam video.

There’s this, and it’s a lot more serious than failure to get out of the street. Bama has had its share of run-ins with the law as well.

Something just occurred to me, and it’s purely speculation on my part. Sam says they met Sunday and Slush quit that evening. What did Sam tell him then? He had already been suspended for one game; did Sam tell him there would be further consequences, and Slush said, in essence, “screw this, I’m outta here”?