Slusher has announced he's transferring

Made the announcement a little bit ago:

I really just don’t get this.

He’s going to have a rough life, if continues to run from accountability.

I really hate it. I think it is interesting that he mentions Odom but not Coach Pittman.

Hit the road young man and good luck. In years past you could see how many players would return now there no telling

Couldn’t agree more

He hasn’t run from accountability. Accountability for what anyways? He hasnt been convicted of anything except in the court of Sam Pittman and by about half the hog fanbase it seems. He has a charge of disorderly conduct to fight in the real court if the prosecutor takes it that far, which is doubtful. Unless he fails to appear for a trial I don’t see any running from accountability. And I guess we will never know if there was something he was running from with the football team because I haven’t seen any Arkansas newspaper even acknowledge that slusher disputes the claim that he quit the team, let alone ask for clarification about that little detail of anyone who would know. I guess after tomorrow if enough players transfer out there will be some news to investigate? For now it’s just your run of the mill college kid character bashing on the internet by hog fans who know nothing about him but ironically care about recruiting and retaining student athletes for their football team


Again, he left for a reason. Defend him all you want if you choose. Makes no difference to me, but if he left because he got in trouble and it hurt his feelings then yes he is running from accountability. Next man up! Obey the law!

He sold out on his teammates.


Not for bashing anyone, I know I don’t know enough to venture a reasonable explanation, don’t have the answers and really wonder if I know enough to even have the right questions. However, with this being a Razorback sports message board, I don’t know why you find it surprising that many posters emphasis is on the football program. This does not mean that alleged police misconduct or excessive enforcement is condoned.

Seems there is very often a lot of information that comes out in time, so who knows what the real story is or what nuances come into actions or decisions. Probably a good strategy to be patient to gain knowledge and even more patient to take too firm a stance.

Baked mentioned his sources tell him a few Defensive players are not happy with Odom. Could be Odom may not be very long for Arkansas.

I would like to debate you - you would be screaming obscenities in 5 mins.

Is it safe to say you’re not a Pittman fan? Or are you close to Slusher? Or are you speculating like everyone else? Just curious…

The young man is gone. Respect his decision and let’s move on.

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Or maybe the players will be. In today’s world the kids, and they are kids, can get unhappy and leave. Doesn’t mean they are right, or the coach was wrong. We rarely know what the real details of these things are.

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Three sides to every story. We always want there to be one hero and one villain in every situation. Maybe it’s neither. Or both.

Maybe the trust in the player-coach relationship was beyond repair. If so, best for the player to move on. Maybe player told the coach it might be best if he entered the portal after the season and the coach told him to just leave now. I wasn’t in that meeting the two had, so I have no idea what was actually discussed.

So maybe both were right when Pittman says he quit, but Slusher says he didn’t.

A whole lot of maybe’s.

I don’t doubt there has been a lot of folks in Slusher’s ear about how things may have been handled in his situation and whether or not his coach waited and got all the facts before dishing out the punishment. And certainly there should have been some punishment.

Given what’s transpired since, it doesn’t seem too far fetched that some of those in his ear may have been members of the staff. After all, part of the punishment administered besides the game suspension was extra conditioning.

Maybe the person in charge of that punishment didn’t agree with it and let it be known. I don’t know if any of this is the case, but I don’t know that it isn’t either. Certainly seems possible considering the quick termination of a certain staff member and the rumors about undermining the head coach.

Which is why I don’t feel comfortable just saying the kid quit on his teammates. But again, maybe he did.

I can’t defend or admonish either the player or the coach without more information.

Odom is here until he doesn’t want to be. His pay is such that this virtually assured.

Well, it is interesting that Slush thanked Coach Odom and not CSP. I don’t think he’s disgruntled with CBO.

Interesting? Not really, he quit on his teammates.

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He quit on his team with one game left. That is all I see.

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