Slusher flips to Arkansas

Man that’s refreshing to have it go our way

Welcome !

Check cleared. Outstanding

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Great pick up

Big deal here…nice job coaches!

Wow!!! What a fantastic job by the coaches!!!

Turned into a good day with all the flips

Outstanding work by the staff!!

Curry and Slusher, i’m dizzy, what a great job coaches!

Less than 2 weeks on the job and CSP flips 4 guys? WPS!!!

Tip of the iceberg! The man can recruit once he gets a full staff and some time to really build a relationship he will be able to recruit great players here and in time he will turn this around.

Guess I was right!! Yes Sir!! Way to go coaches!!

Great to have Slusher at Arkansas. Anxious to see him on the field & playing in a Razorback uniform.

I leaned towards Arkansas in my podcast but didn’t know for sure until hearing very a very good source about an hour before his announcement.

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I’m glad !

Glad the good guys won. In the end, there was no Slusher fund. GHG WPS!!!

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Amen brother!

That is very big!!

One player at a time! Now we need about 4 to play at the LB position.