Not jelling so far.

Exactly. Good effort periods of sharp play then sloppy. Youth.

I’m not sure if Gabe minutes shouldn’t be given to Ethan Henderson might as well work on his development seeing Gabe may be better suited for UALR next season than here smh

Gabe shoots every time he gets the ball. Now 0-7 on the season.

He does… he plays like he’s trying to prove a point and be the hero…the type of dude on your team that take shots in games that they don’t even make in practices lol reminds me of when Carlton Banks stole the ball from Will Smith (his own teammate) and missed the game winner

Carlton! That’s hilarious.

lol I wouldn’t be surprised if Gabe doesn’t try to take a couple game winners this year…

He took a bad 3 against Texas and the next possession drove to the hole and another wasted trip. He will learn his role or those minutes may go to Henderson.
I hope Henderson is able to come out and get some quality minutes soon! We will need him in xonfeeemce play. We also need Gabe to pass the ball and yes when he is at the hole for a dunk slam it or lay it in. There’s no reason for him to be shooting like the ball is on fire

And that’s the biggest issue I have with Gabe’s game…I don’t think he truly knows or accepts his role on the team. You have to play your role to be effective

i don’t think Henderson will be the beneficiary if Gabe gets decreased minutes. I think it would be Cheney.

I watched Henderson play a couple of times in high school. Watch the difference between the way Gafford hustles back on defense compared to Henderson. He loped back on defense once, same thing i saw in high school. Plus he needs to add 20 pounds and develop some toughness. Even in high school he was not a dominant player, often on the bench at crucial times. Franklin was the hustle of that team.

He’s a nice kid, but a long way from helping.

As far as Gabe, if he would understand and embrace his role he would flourish. i think of Jimmy Counce or Charles Balentine, or Elmer Martin type of player. A scorer he is not.

Gabe is taking more shots than he should. However I kind of like that Gabe is aggressive and not being timid. It is much harder to develop a timid player. Also think he must be making some of those in practice, otherwise he would be shanked to the bench instantly.