Slomo observations

After watching this game in slow motion to truly be able to see line play etc. here are some takeaways

  1. Defense really played great at every position and well against the run (shocker) and a running qb. Fourth down stops, good coverage, creating turnovers and our dline held its own. Our offense beat our defense in the second half. No way you can be on the field that long in the SEC and not wear down. Major major difference from last year.

  2. Franks played better than any qb from last year but…didn’t play that well. He was off target on some simple stuff and deep balls and he had time to throw it. Rushed passes for no reason, off target backfield throws, slow spot and releases, etc. His field vision wasn’t great either. Red zone play wasn’t great. Nervous? I expect he will play better.

  3. Right tackle is major problem. Gatlin isn’t going to work out. He dove a defender multiple times in pass pro. He wasn’t good in open space on the run. That is a major concern. Either he has to change some fundamentals or they need to find an alternative.

  4. Briles play calling was odd vs Kirby’s defense which is unbelievably well coached and disciplined. They were ready for our offense and while they are talented they are even more well coached. Linebackers rarely in the wrong spot. Though the amount of receiver holding was ridiculous. He and Saban get away with that more than anybody. We went downfield early and over the middle a little and then seemingly gave up on that. I have no idea why. It isn’t obvious on tape. There were just a few crossing routes or slants. Lots of one on ones that could’ve been thrown that weren’t. Was Pitt weighing in on that? I don’t think so. Kept trying to run Boyd when clearly we couldn’t…why? Is that all we’ve got at that point? I’d rather see jump balls than inevitable 2 yd gains.

  5. An active running QB would’ve have been a serious difference maker. Lots of room for it as Georgia played their linebackers back and in wait and see mode spying burks and Boyd. As soon as KJ came in the linebackers moved almost to the line of scrimmage. Predictably he ran.

  6. Down 34-10 we seemingly gave up on offense and tried to run clock. All starters in with 10:34 to go. Vanilla run and throwing plays with our starters getting hit. Don’t understand that strategy at all. Practicing base offense? Unsaid agreement with Kirby and Pitt?

I expect major improvement on offense and special teams week 2 or it’s a long long season.

I believe it is a given that it will happen. Not picking on your post, but nearly every post I’ve read is placing 90% of our poor offensive performance on Briles and the hogs’ offensive players. I believe there is at least equal credit that GA should be given for what appears to be a once in a decade college defensive front 7. This was probably the best defensive team in the nation last season, that returned 8 starters.

Personally, I give the Hogs a great chance of winning a fairly high scoring game against MS St this Saturday. They will show up over-confident following a high from this past week-end’s victory over LSU and overlooking our Hogs. I think we are catching them at a perfect time to get our first SEC win in seemingly forever.

I was proud to see the fight out of our hogs in the first half. Like you I still don’t understand Briles play calling.

I think we have more positives from yesterday than negatives.

I’m not placing our offensive performance on briles and the players as much as I’m asking the question about what we were trying to do and why. The outcomes could’ve have been even worse had they tried something else. I have no idea.

Make no mistake the Georgia defense is the main reason our offense struggled. A defense that was not only talented, but well schemed, prepared and disciplined for our offense. Others will copy that approach I’m sure.

Franks played about like I thought he would against a great defense. He was servicable, but we need more from him.

Why are we afraid to go down the field or into the middle with the football? Those dinky passes into the flats set up a speedy Georgia defense. They didn’t work. Go vertical, not horizontal with the football. That is playing scared. Go to your strengths downfield, those wide receivers. The lack of a quality tight end is a problem. Can we fix the problem this year?

The defense played well for the level of talent we have. We got about all we could from them. Then they wore down. Coach Odom had them prepared. Catalon is a player. Grant Morgan reminds me of his brother. He is a fireball who plays hard as does Bumper.

The offensive line, I will leave any comments to Youdaman or Clay or somebody who knows what they are talking about, but even us fans can see no holes were opened for Boyd. None. How do you fix that?

I thought one or two wins…this game didn’t change my view of that. Maybe, we will continue to improve each week. That is really what could salvage this season. That and Franks, Jefferson or the freshman playing like a dual threat quarterback should. We aren’t going to win with a caretaker…we need a guy to take charge who can run and throw.

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