Slobbering Hog


I proudly and happily purchased a Slobbering Hog ball cap yesterday. Once I told my daughter the background story of the Slobbering Hog, she purchased a Slobbering Hog T-Shirt.

I’m glad the Slobbering Hog still survives. Hopefully I shall live long enough to see the Slobbering Hog return home to Bud Walton Arena…center court.


When Eric Musselman hears it from about 20,000 fans over the next several years, he’ll get it and want it.

I guess I was absent from the board or asleep in class the day this “obsession with the slobber hog” became a big issue. I like the full frontal hog better than the slobber hog “design” and am not that fond of either much. Can someone 'splain to this Lucy what is the big deal about the goofy looking foaming at the mouth hog?

You were in hibernation if you don’t know about that. If you have listened to talk radio or read or basketball board, you would know it.

So, I don’t deserve to know and just need to remain ignorant on this subject? :frowning: Would it help to say I am sorry and will try to pay more attention in the future? :smiley:

This… … 1994-title

Because of this on the basketball court, we were a national power winning championships at basketball.

Since we have removed it from the court, we are cursed and doomed for eternity …

… or until it makes its triumphant return.

I still think the Slobber Hog is wierd looking and doubt its absence has anything to do with any lack of success in the program. It probably has more to do with Nolan’s melt down, JFB’s reaction to it, and the lower quality of coaching since then than the artwork on the court.

It has EVERYTHING to do with fan superstition. And as you probably know, it’s bad luck to be superstitious.

Clay, soime of us have things called jobs which prevent us from being able to listen to talk radio all day long, and lets be honest, a lot of what gets thrown around on most of the shows is silliness at its finest.

For the sake of those in this category, please feel free to discuss it.

And FWIW, I always liked the slobbering hog.

I’m not superstitious, and knock on wood, never will be.

I don’t agree that it is weird looking, I always liked it. For the rest of your post, thanks Captain Obvious.