Slobbering Hog impact


The slobbering hog made a return to BWA with the naming of the Nolan Richardson Court last year…albeit a small one…and look at the results!

An Elite Eight after a 26 year drought!

For a FF and national title, we need to return the slobbering hog to mid-court!



Amen, Guy.

Is there anything really preventing returning it to midcourt other than the athletic dept making the decision?

Also, was it really a Jeff Long decision to remove it?

Bring it back for Pete’s sake.


Sanded into dust and swept into a dust pan and dumped into a dumpster out back.

The Curse of the Slobberhog began.

Still want one of those Slobberhog polos the coaching staff had on the other night.


My question is about painting a new one out there.

I would agree. I think it should happen. My bad. I have been wanting it since it happened.

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I actually thought Long had it right (one of the few things he did right) not using the Slobber Hog. Branding, visibility and consistency. The current, modern Razorback looks just fine. The current court with the state outline is really cool. There are many things from days gone by that are nostalgic, but bad if used now. The cartoonish SH is one of them.

You are most definitely in the minority. Wrong on so many levels. Slobber Hog IS Arkansas Basketball. Cartoonish? SMH.


No, winning is the Arkansas basketball that everyone really loves. Keep winning, regardless of what’s at the center jump circle.

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I should’ve said Slobber Hog is the SYMBOL of Arkansas Basketball. Most of us here feel that way, and always will.

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Bring back popcorn Hog while they are at it. :grinning:


Slobbering Hog exhibits effort, hustle, toughness, fast paced play and tenacity!


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I’ve been trying to find ANY of the polos they’ve been wearing in the tournament and can’t find them.


I purchased the Slobbering Hog hat at the UA Bookstore last August. Please let me know if you discover where we can get the polo!


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I respect your opinion but couldn’t disagree more!

We need to start a petition to bring it back! :slight_smile:

Bring back popcorn Hog while they are at it. :grinning:


Look, we were irrelevant in hoops long before Slobber Hog was sanded off the floor at BWA. The curse, if there was one, is that JFB and John White ran off Nolan just as he had signed a couple of people who could make us relevant again, such as Andre Iguodala and J.J. Sullinger.

It’s just paint on the floor. Makes no more difference than what color socks I wear on game nights. I’m okay if SH is 20 feet long, I’m okay if its 2 feet long by Nolan’s signature, and I’m okay if it’s not there at all.

But Popcorn Hog is just butt ugly.

I’ll agree there is no curse. I just want it back for my own (selfish) nostalgia.

Yes. But Slobber Hog is at least part of why we won it all. I’m sorry, but I ain’t messin’ with fate.

Fate? Mike Anderson was also part of why we won it all. See where that got us. Coaching, recruiting and development. Paint the court in whatever way you want, as long as players and recruits think it’s tight. I love the court we have right now. But I mostly love the winning Muss has working…

Got to get people back in BWA first to even notice what Hog is painted where.