Slobbering Hog back on court

At least a little one is back.

Has the curse been removed?

I always envisioned a glorious return to mid court for Slobber Hog, but I gotta admit I like this look. The hardwood looks very sharp, and Nolan Richardson court just feels right. A lot of things falling in to place—I’ve just got this feeling that at long last the curse has been lifted…

I thought it was really well done.

Maybe a little bit.


Exceptionally well done by the UA. Personally I am excited to read a story behind the signature on the court with the slobbering hog was done. Somebody deserves a big job well done with the creativity and execution. I am so incredibly proud and happy of the court being named after Nolan and to include the slobbering hog is just priceless.


Did they actually replace the previous court or just re-design the graphics on the court. What is the expected life span of a maple court?

so far we are UNDEFEATED since the return of the slobbering hog!

Just sayin’


Weneed some slobbering hogs on the football team.

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The football hogs need to earn the skinning HOG!