Sling TV/ESPN 3 question

I am working toward cutting the cord and am trying out Sling TV. I have the package that includes ESPN3 and thought that I would be able to watch it yesterday. I found a lot of games listed but not the Dallas Baptist game. Am I missing something here?

ESPN3 is one thing; the SEC Network + is another. And the new ESPN+ is yet another.

It can be confusing with all of these tiers, but ESPN3 is (as far as I know, this is still true) free to all. For “premium content” - i.e., content carried over ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, the SEC Network, or SEC+, you need to have a provider (cable, DirecTV, Dish, etc.) so you can log in on the WatchESPN app.

So, if you have access to ESPN3, you would not have seen the game.

Is SlingTV recognized by ESPN3 as one of those “premium providers”?

Not sure, but I believe so. Typically, any of the “major” providers over which you can get the ESPN channels qualify.

However, he could still not get WatchESPN premium content “directly” on a TV that allows him to watch ESPN3 content. He’d have to use Roku, or PlayStation, etc. like the rest of us.

When I first used my Roku to watch something over the WatchESPN app, it asked for my account info for DirecTV. Once I had entered that info, it “remembers” it and I don’t have to do it the next time. A person who has Sling would have to do the same thing.

Is Sling part of DirectTV?


When I said “do the same thing”, I meant enter their Sling account info into the ESPN App to get access (instead of DirecTV account info, which is what I had to do).

Sling is owned by Direct TV, but is essentially a separate company. So your sign in credentials for the ESPN app are through Sling.

I’m a Sling customer (3 years now). You’ll need the Sports package added to your account for all of the ESPNs and the SEC network. $5 a month and worth every penny!

But to answer your original question, I watched the Razorback games over the weekend just fine in the ESPN app with my Sling account.

Sling is owned by DISH Network, not DirecTV. DirecTV has it’s own OTT service that competes with Sling, called DirecTV Now. DirecTV is owned by AT&T.

I have essentially tried all of the OTT services since cutting the cord and I settled on YouTube TV. I had Sling for about 6 months and didn’t have any huge complaints other than their inability to get our locals here in NWA. Therefore I had to use an over air HD antenna and got choppy results. YouTube TV gives you all of your locals, all of the ESPN and SEC Network channels, CNBC and FOX News (which aren’t carried on Sling), you don’t have to pay extra for cloud DVR storage, on top of being slightly cheaper per month than Sling.

(Also tried HULU Live and hated it, terrible interface.)

Are you getting all of your local channels including the educational channel on the YouTube TV cloud DVR? I noticed that HGTV, DIY, Food, Bravo, & History Channels aren’t on YoutubeTV. Do you get any of those elsewhere?

Not sure I completely understand your question. I do get the NWA locals on YouTube TV. I honestly haven’t tried DVR’ing anything because everything I watch is available on demand.

**Just saw you edited your post. Honestly, losing HGTV and DIY was the one bad thing about switching to YTTV, but I just downloaded the HGTV app and they have some content available and you can subscribe as a one off if you really want it. Same thing with History and their standalone app.

Yep…Dish Network. You’re correct. Typo on my part. Thanks for the correction!

I’ve really been considering cord-cutting, but that brings up the same problem I had last night – inconsistent internet access. I had UVerse here for years, ditched them because of inconsistent access to both TV and internet. Cox has consistent TV but the internet still sucks. I’m expecting to move soon and will probably cut the cord then, but for right now I can’t trust my internet access enough to go with YTTV or Hulu.

The quality of your cord cutting experience is definitely dependent on the quality of your internet signal.

I have been very happy with PlayStation Vue. I actually don’t even watch on it directly all that much. Find the ESPN app easier to use. PS Vue app will sometimes just list a program as “NCAA Baseball” and not give the teams