Slightly surprised

I did too.

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Same. I was on the other side of the stadium but I recall vividly saying “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” when he started moving backwards after that punt.

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Yep I did too my brother!


The bright spots in our special teams have been on kickoffs and field goals to this point. Return coverage hasn’t been terrible but it hasn’t been great either. The blocked punts are a problem and they should have been someone responsible for picking up their blitzer. For way too long we’ve not had the depth to put our best on special teams too. I guess the last time I remember that is when we had Peyton and Felix on special teams; I’m sure I’m forgetting someone though.

Pablum is no answer. Ultimately, results are what counts.
If a coach doesn’t get his charges to produce acceptable outcomes, we fire them(Bret Bielema, Chad Morris). Perhaps participation ribbons are in order if we finish with 5-7 records these next three years.

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I was there, too. It was painful. Everyone in the stands saw that coming

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I’m for firing when that’s the best solution. But often it’s just to placate someone or to look like you’re addressing a problem. Like I said, there’s a difference between responsibility and fault.

Ultimately results weighs them on the losing side of the scale. In the end it most certainly comes down to responsibility and results.

McFadden volunteered to block for Felix. That was a good tandem deep.


So if the special teams coach says I need the starting o-line to protect the punter and the head coach says no, you think the special teams coach should be fired when a punt gets blocked? That’s pretty harsh, glad I don’t work for you.

How many ridiculous hypotheticals can you dream up? I doubt Drink fired his DL coach and felt an obligation to explain why. You want a hypothetical, if we lose to ola ms or Auburn because we have a blocked punt you can bet the ST coach is gone. You figure out all the excusable angles to Xplain why it wasn’t his fault, if it happens. How many if’s and but’s can you dream up. Sh1t rolls down hill.

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