Slightly surprised

As much as we say we can be multiple on the defensive front, I’m slightly surprised we didn’t play a true 4 front more with the goal of making them pass.

Morgan did a great job of explaining what they did to us scheme wise by committing our LBs to A/B gaps and going to C gap. I’m sure that will be copied. And they certainly pushed us around so who knows if that makes any difference, just surprised I didn’t see it much. Let’s see what shows up for Bama.

I also would’ve expected this to be the game where we needed to be more intentionally different in looks both offense and defense, although on offense I’m not sure it would’ve made a single bit of difference. But defensively maybe.

Yeah I didn’t understand us staying in a three-man front it was definitely broke and we didn’t try to fix it.
We have three very good defensive lineman with our transfers but a good powerful offensive line like Georgia has and Bama has will simply line up and push it down our throat. It’s just too easy to double team and then go to the next level.

Could it be because a 4 man front doesn’t fit our personnel? Not trying to be snarky here but maybe we don’t have enough D Linemen to rotate with 4. We have what appears to be enough for 3, but right now 4 could be pushing it.

Could be the case no doubt. But I would’ve tried to find out given the inevitable we were facing.

I’m guessing it was just trying not to be what we aren’t, but we claim we can be multiple.

We rotate five or six DL that we could bring in and be better than leaving an open space which makes it so easy to get someone onto your linebackers… It’s much harder for the offensive line to block four and five men fronts then it is a three-man.
We’ve done a very good job so far but this is the first really good offensive line we’ve seen and they simply ran over us. I’m not going to get technical about offensive line play but with three people down it’s just very easy to double team and go to the next level. There have been teams that can play a three-man defensive line but that’s because they have three NFL type players and three NFL linebackers behind them we do not have any of that.

Right on.

Agreed… we won’t see many offensive lines like the one yesterday. I doubt they they thought that all our linemen would be so easy to handle… I think Odom is a pretty savvy defensive coach and there’s a reason he’s there and we’re not.

You’re right we won’t Face but one more offensive line capable of doing what we saw yesterday but when we face them we have to have more than three DL if we plan on stopping them.
Ole Miss plays the same defensive front we do and they tried that against Bama yesterday and got ran over.

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I think CSP and CBO knew our secondary couldn’t handle forcing them to pass. We are playing Hudson Clark. If he is a starter, then we don’t have the depth.

I don’t think it mattered what defense CBO called. Their Jimmys and Joes manhandled ours, period. And they figured out ways to neutralize our linebackers too; Grant Morgan talked about that after the game.

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I think I would’ve have taken my chances with our secondary given what seemed to be inevitable on the ground, but I also know Odom is a great DC so I defer to him.

We will see stronger passing attacks so if our secondary is that weak it will show eventually. Like next week.

What’s made our secondary functional so far is the effectiveness of our DL and LB. Who hasn’t seen the receivers running free and clear in the secondary and the QB doesn’t have the chance to throw it to them.

We are a good team, but we are not perfect. We have to pick our poisen and we have to scheme to our strength and hide our weakness.

We saw what an elite team does when a team isn’t complete and has to hide its warts.

We simply got whipped. We are competitive with most teams, but Georgia and Alabama are in a different class. We are bigger and stronger than we were last year, but we are not Georgia and Bama. We can be a legitimate top 10 team but Georgia and Bama are just in a class of their own. Sam just needs time to find and develop athletes rhat can compete with the Georgia and Alabama’s.

There are two things that we can improve this year. Penalties and Spcial teams. We should be able to clean those areas up with our existing players.

We have got to quit getting so many penalties. We are a good team, but not nearly good enough to win consistently when we have so many avoidable penalties.

Our special team coach has to prevent any more blocked kicks. If he can’t, he needs to be fired and replaced.

If we can fix those two problem areas, we can have a fine season, win a bowl game, and have a ranked team. After all the horrible teams we have suffered through, that will be a great comeback and Arkansas fans should be delighted with Sam Pittman and his staff . Our players are playing hard and tough and will continue to improve. Things are better.


Two strikes on special teams coach, three and I believe he will be shown the door.

Wondered how long it would take to get back in gotta-fire-somebody mode. I got my answer.

Yesterday was a whuppin’ in all three phases. I’m much less concerned about blocked punts, which resulted in 19% of their points, than I am that we keep getting stupid penalties and we don’t have a tight end who can catch the ball. Penalties came a lot closer to beating us than one missed block in punt protection.


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Momentum is a monster before a large, revved up home crowd. Penalties in this game were off the charts and cost us big time. This game, like our game against Texas, was even worse than the score indicated. Same could be said in the ola ms/Bama game. I believe our ST coach is gone if we have another punt blocked this year. The line of responsibility says the buck stops with him. He has to accept responsibility for that aspect of every game or perhaps we just shrug our shoulders and HOPE it gets better, or maybe we wait to see a fourth or fifth block. It hasn’t worked that way in my world.

If we had not had big problems with punt protection last year with the same coach, I would be more apt to accept that a few punts will be blocked in the course of the season. I do know that a blocked punt usually means defeat for the team that has it’s punt blocked.

Excessive penalties make winning much harder. I know that mental errors are going to happen in football. I know that if we can correct these problems, we will have a better season.

Yes, but before we should fire someone, we should know whether the problem is more than their responsibility, but whether it’s also their fault. I just bet we practice and teach the right fundamentals. If not, fire the coach. If so, recognize the coach has been dealt a bad hand and try to cure it with recruiting. Players sometimes miss assignments or just get beat. Sometimes they make bad decisions in the heat of battle. (e. g. Reggie Fish)

I watched the Reggie Fish deal in person…… :sleepy:

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