Slightly OT-Pigs

Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but I do know a few of you out there love the hogs, and dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers.

Read a book last year “Lesser Beasts”. About the history of man using pigs for food. Very interesting. Said there used to be pig drives in North Carolina just like cattle drives in Texas. And that pigs are very smart and have this look of betrayal when they are slaughtered.

Yesterday saw a new documentary, “The Last Pig”. About a pig farmer. Who had several dozen pigs and a Labrador Retriever. Being a Hog fan and having had two Labs, that piqued (or should that be “pig-ued”?) my interest. The farmer said pigs are very smart, just as smart as his Lab. And that they also have the emotional range of his dog. And that after having his pigs slaughtered he thought it made about as much sense to eat a pig as it would be to eat his dog, and he decided he’d rather eat neither. And he gave up being a hog farmer and went into vegetable farming instead.

Now I am not a vegetarian. Maybe if barbecue sauce had not been invented I could give up eating pork. But I do have respect for those who are vegetarians. And I do have a lot of respect for our mascot now.

By the way, going on a farm tour soon. Of a pig farm where they let their swine live in the woods and forage there. Interesting.

Nchog, what a interesting post. I don’t know what to do, quit eating pork and eat just beef or just get a cat and forget this post!

Pigs are wonderful creatures. You can feed them scraps and left overs and they turn it into bacon.

Truly miraculous.

I met an organic pig farmer a year ago. I asked him how he could eat his own pigs, ones he knows personally, when I cannot even eat the fish I have in my pond (even though I eat plenty of fish and pork). And he said “It’s easy. I name one pig ‘Pork Chop’ and the other ‘Ham’.”


I was driving on 412 on Wednesday, my only day off in two weeks as football/baseball converge. I almost ran over a 500-pound hog. She – and I’m sure it was a sow – was on the side of the road with some piglets eating grass, very near the shoulder. She had broken through the fence of a nearby farm. I called 911 to let them know “the pigs were out.” The man on the other end of the line said, “I’ll have the sheriff tell them – again.” Funny.

If I had hit that big pig, I might not be here. It would have been a bad wreck.

Wow, if pigs are hanging out by the highway they are not as smart as they say they are. Glad you’re ok. Reminds me of last time I was in Arkansas. I had just crossed over to West Memphis on I-40 when I hit some small piece of road debris and got a flat tire. After standing beside a cotton field so long that I almost became a resident of Arkansas again, AAA finally found us and put on the full size spare tire, and I did my visit to Pine Bluff and then limped to New Orleans, our next stop. Went to a tire dealer in the Crescent City to get them to replace the spare (since the tire dealer in Pine Bluff said it would take a week to order a Michelin) and get an alignment. And the tire guy asked what I hit, that a metal suspension part was bent. Which he said was tough to do, last time he saw that was when he hit…an alligator. Which not only hurt his suspension, the alligator was pissed and slapped the side of his car with his tail, causing additional body damage.