Slick's Sure-Fire Formula for new DC

All the talk about who the DC has been around the so-called “big-name” guys that you hear about on ESPN. Everyone seems happy about the finding a lesser-know but well-respected up-and-comer for HC, so why not apply that to DC?

If you look at the NCAA team stats, Pts Per Game Allowed is a good predictor of a team’s W-L success. Bama is No. 1, Clemson 2, Wisconsin 3 and Georgia is 4. (Oklahoma is No. 52 but the Sooners are No.4 offensively in that category).

Sooo… Here are the rankings of some some of the teams that aren’t traditional powerhouses that did well in that category this year and would presumably have DC’s worth looking at that would be interested in coming to Arkansas:
No. 8 UT San Antonio
No. 9 Fresno State
No. 11 Troy
No. 13 Wyoming
No. 15 San Diego State
No. 17 Marshall
No. 26 No Illinois

I made the list wit the premise that we wouldn’t be able to “steal” someone from a big school, which of course is also a possibility.

Jim Leonhard at Wisconsin is only making $600,000 per year. He seems like a Power 5 name we might have the financial resources to snag. Of course Wisky is his alma mater and he’s only three years removed from his own NFL career.

I believe Washington State was ranked in the top 14 in defense

Todd Graham is available. His background is defense, although he has not been associated with a great defensive team in a bit.

Gene Chizik

Vic Koenning - Troy DC, from Owasso, Okl. shut down LSU this year. Kansas State Grad.

Washington is also in the Top 10. Their DC only makes $875,000

Actually they are in Top 10 in every category but passing yards and passing yards a game, and the lowest between those two are 18. (#6 PPG)

Pete Kwiatkoski- DC $875,000
Jim Lake - Co-DC/DB $650,000

As of April 2017

This guy was impressed aginst LSU.