Slavens update?

After watching his last at bat, he didn’t even touch first base. Wondering if that ankle is still very much a issue?

Yeah it was clearly giving him some issues when he was walking back to the dugout.

He certainly didn’t look to be 100%, particularly running to 1st then back to the dugout his last at bat.

But, he reminded us, in both of his games back, what he gives us defensively. We are much better defensively with him at first.


Yes no doubt we are better defensively and he’s has shown us before he can look very bad and come back and hit 2 hrs in the same game like he did against Fla he swings hard in case he hits it and when he’s on lookout.

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I think he got his foot stepped on at first base earlier in the game, on a sac bunt IIRC. Not even sure that was the same foot that he injured in Hoover.

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He did get stepped on one time and when he threw the 3rd he limped badly. He will be better this week, now if we can get him to lay off the high FB, we might the Slavens we knew this yr, we need him to be.

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Remember he wasn’t deemed ready to play Saturday and the initial prognosis was that he could miss three weeks. I’m sure the ankle is still bothering him and he’s just fighting through it.

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Anyone who has fought through and ankle injury understands the frustration and slow progress. I do.


No way he could be anywhere near 100% now. Won’t be 100% rest of the way. Ankle injuries of this nature are a slow process to heal. Affects about every aspect of your game.
Brady will have to adjust with it as it gets better, providing he doesn’t re-aggravate it.

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I’ll have to go back and look. Got it recorded.

Yes sir agree.

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I asked about Slavens today and Van Horn said he is probably about 80% of full health. He is being cautious while he runs.

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Yes sir, just watched the interview. Thx.

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