Slavens update?

Any word yet?

Good news it a high ankle sprain. X-ray showed no break the doctor said there was no achilles damage. Bad new it is a bad sprain, We need him in lineup

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Sitting out this tournament does not affect us. Hopefully a week of rest and rehab will bring him back soon.

If it’s a high ankle sprain, they are very slow healing and if it’s bad, playing next week is going to be hard to do. Hope he can they are traditionally slow healing.

Losing him for Hoover means nothing. Even losing him during the regional isn’t too bad. We need him in the super. Need him more in Omaha. There are sprains and then there are sprains. I hope his isn’t too bad. Glad there’s no tendon damage

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Probably will need to ease him back into playing whenever it is. To keep from aggravating the injury.

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The high ankle sprain. How many times has this one particular injury has come to haunt us due to our lack of depth (most especially in football and basketball). Historically the high ankle sprain takes weeks (three+) to properly heal.

UA…Campus of Champions

He’s in Birmingham, just get him the high ankle surgery they used on Tua.

He may be able to DH by the Supers. We really need that bat when we have runners in scoring position. He’s been our best batter in those situations. Home runs or singles. If it’s in the late innings, send in a pinch runner if he gets on base.

Brady has a beautiful swing! Goodheart should sit down and watch every movement in slow motion of Slavens’ swing over and over. Might get him back on track.

I do not believe Slavens will miss the regional. Could be wrong. Call it a gut feeling.


Wow, that would be fantastic. Especially after watching the replays of that injury.

I sure hope you’re right, Clay.

Not to hijack thread, but IMO there’s nothing wrong with Goodheart’s swing. His current problem is in his head.

As others have opined (in other threads), my best guess is that MG needs to sit out a day or two, get his mind right, and jump back in the water. At any point in time, he can and at some point will explode for a 3 or 4 hit game, with extra bases and RBI’s. You just don’t know when.

Better he be slumping at a time when - as a team - we’ve been streaking (in a positive direction) than to have him in a funk during Supers or in Omaha. The longer this current dry spell goes, the more likely he’s turned it around by the time we really need him. At least, that’s the way I’m thinking about it.

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He has been a mystery of late. He’s not just missing, but missing badly. DVH said he’s seen nothing mechanical in it. Maybe he needs to sit a game just to get a break. We all know he’s capable.

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If you have any of the last half a dozen or so games recorded, go back and watch his swing frame by frame. You’ll see, in virtually every instance, his final move before starting his swing is a backward move (rocking) of the bat. It usually happens as late as after the pitch has left the pitcher’s hand. When he does that, even if he makes contact with the ball, it’s never solid contact. It completely screws up his timing.

I imagine the only reason I’ve noticed it, is that the exact same thing happened to me my senior year. Fortunately my coach caught it early in my slump and corrected it. I had no idea I was doing that. It’s just a split second thing.

Do you know he wasn’t doing the same thing when he was hitting balls over the scoreboard?

I’m no baseball expert, but he’s taking stuff right down the middle and swinging at crap, and a hitch in his swing doesn’t explain that.


Goodheart looks like he is moving in slow motion when he swings. Really slow bat swing. Many times it looked like the ball was already in the catcher’s mitt before he swung.

His eyes been checked lately?

That was my first thought the other day when I saw him take one right down the center waist high and turn to take a base like it was a ball. I turned to my buddy and asked “Does Goodheart wear contacts? If so he may want to have them checked!!! No way you could think that was a ball.”

That’s a lot of his problems, taking pitches he should swing at and then swinging at Pitchers pitches with 2 strikes, I think he should look opposite field, he’s quick enough to pull inside pitches