Slavens out again tonight

Arkansas will have the same starting lineup as yesterday.

I’d like to see Charlie Welch have a big game.

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I would also like to see Goodheart and Moore get going!


Like to see the pitchers on track tonight. Bats I don’t worry about too much


Just don’t walk or hit batters.

That’s a big one! No walks or HBP makes the game a lot more enjoyable.
I hope Wicklander is on tonight.

Just read elsewhere that he had his brace off and was sprinting around,so thats good news!

He did some zig-zag runs without the boot on the field yesterday. I think he’s getting close.



I hope Slavens can at least get an AB tomorrow!

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Me too

Ran the bases inside Saturday. I figure he will do that again Sunday afternoon - if he’s not too sore from Saturday.

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