Slavens out 1-3 weeks

A team spokesman said the official diagnosis is a lateral ankle sprain.

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Maybe we get him back for the Super Regional, if we indeed get there.

If he heals quickly, he could make it back in time for the regional.

I’m not surprised, those things heal kind of slow, would really hurt to not have him in the regional.

Actually, much easier to get over, than a high ankle sprain. As someone who had weak ankles, I broke both in high school, it really becomes a mental thing after a week or so. After the swelling goes down, just tape it up!

That’s true those high ankle sprains are tough, hope it’s 1 week instead of 3

When he does come back I just hope it’s well enough he can get past the mental part to.

This is Thursday. Two weeks from today is either the first day of or the day before the start of a super regional. It’d be nice if we could get him back by at least the second game of the super. Regardless, he should be ready for Omaha if the diagnosis is correct–and we get to Omaha.

And next Saturday is 10 days from the injury on a Wednesday, so the 1/2 way of the 7-21 recovery. The thing is, these guys rehab 24/7. They’ll have some electronic boot on that stimulates blood flow, or whatever it does, when he isn’t in actual rehab. Now, what we don’t know is the degree of sprain, Grade I, II, or III.

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