Slavens Homer

By chance does anyone have video of that dinger…heard it was absolutely ripped and still rising when it left the field.

Thanks in advance.

It hit the back wall of the bullpen not very high up after going over the 374 sign. He smashed it but it wasn’t rising when it left the ballpark. FloBaseball will probably have highlights on its YouTube page later today but they’re not there yet.

Thanks Swine. Someone sent it to me but it was on Twitter and I don’t have that…spend too much time here as it is and if I had Twitter I’d get lost down that rabbit hole for far too long and not get any work done!

It was beautiful, of course. However, it barely cleared the 374 wall. Skunking Texas is so sweet, I may shrivel up like a dried fruit. First one they have suffered in 33 years.

The video is embedded in this tweet. Enjoy the HR trot. :smiley:


You don’t have to have Twitter to see tweets. You can view them anyway.

If Goodheart had made the trip, would Slavens have played?

Good deal…thank you sir!

Thank you for posting this for me…truly appreciate all the help from everyone!

I’m not a sir, but you are welcome! :grin:

Hard to imagine Slavens not in this lineup, when Goodheart is healthy again.

Slavens to RF and Wallace to the bench?
Slavens to 1B and Smith to the bench?
Slavens to 1B, Smith to RF, and Wallace to the bench?

Coach has lots of options and lots of tough decisions to make this season.

Another one would be Smith to third and Slavens to first with Nesbit out.

Just like with the pitching rotation, step up or step out.

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