Sky is not falling…

Last year we lost the series with Vandy, A&M, Florida and was swept by Bama.

We’re in a bad slump. Hopefully that will turn quickly. We have the talent.


No doubt this hurts, but has little effect on our post season prospects. We need to win tomorrow, though.

I think maybe our ace pitcher needs to see the mound more???

Olympus has fallen. DVH on the phone to Gerard Butler as we speak.


We get to face their Ace tomorrow unless he’s hurt for some reason… blew away are great 2021 team 6 IP 11K… I’m sure Hagen will get the ball for us… first one to 3 will probably win if both of them are on their game… definitely do not need to get swept

We’ve lost 2 in a row… not sure I’d call that a major slump just yet…

  • OVERALL30 - 9
  • PCT.0.769
  • CONF.11 - 6
  • PCT.0.647
  • HOME25 - 3
  • AWAY3 - 5
  • NEUTRAL2 - 1
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I didn’t get home in time to watch the game tonight, but I was really disappointed we didn’t win last night…we should have.
That said, surely we will be much better when we have Tygart and Wegner back.
If Ole Piss and Misstake can win a natty after the years they had, I’m not worried at all about where we are right now.
Go Hogs!


Rowland was out, too, although I’m not sure that mattered. Polk got one big hit tonight.

Polk had chances last night to just make contact t to score a run. His double tonight was nice but he needs to get some RBI’s like every player in the lineup. Last night the defense failed and the offense tonight it was starting pitching.
It happens. Win tomorrow and flush this road trip.
Morris actually completed and inning. That’s the good news.

Long season with many ebbs and flows.

Get healthy and get hot in post season.


That is very true and it will make you pull your hair out even though I don’t have a whole lot left for it to pull.

This team has done an incredible job to get to where they are considering all the crap we have had to go through with injuries.

We saw last year we can play the most ungodly awful ball and then all of a sudden get a spark and turn it into a flame.

Just need to get into post season and hope for the best


I would not call it a slump yet, lost two games after sweeping Tennessee just a few days back; the Tennessee that beat Vandy last night. Need to get out of Athens sooner and get home to beat the Aggies.

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No it’s definitely not a slump but what it is is two games to where you didn’t have your head in the freaking game… when Bohrofen got picked off by 10 ft at second base when we are down 5-0 told me all I needed to know. As Dave said it was ridiculous…

This team better get their head out of their butt on the road or there’s going to be quite a few of these.


The old deer in a head light series! Defense, offense and pitching. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Maybe today they pull
Out a W.


winning a natty usually is predicated on getting hot at the right time and not how your whole season went. To borrow from Jerry Reed to explain last 2 Omaha winners, When you’re hot, you’re hot
And when you’re not, you’re not

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