Skipper first-team, Williams second-team all-SEC … -sec-team/

To me, Rawleigh Willias (1,326 yards, 12 TDs) should have been first team along with Derrius Guice (1,249 yards, 14 TDs)

Leonard Fournette - while a great talent - does not deserve to be second team after rushing for 843 yards and 8 TDs.

That’s just lazy voting to me.

Vanderbilt’s Ralph Webb (1,172 yards, 12 TDs), Kentucky’s Stanley Williams (11,35 yards, 7 TDs) and Damarea Crockett (1,062 yards and 10 TDs) all deserved the other second-team spot more than Fournette.

There’s really no way to justify R3 not being on the first team. But, as snubs go, it’s predictable. I just figured it would be a much-less deserving Fournette rather than Pettway.

How did Kelly beat out AA? Who did this pole? RW second team. Wasn’t Ole Miss below 500 and Kelly missed the last several games? This pole is a joke.

Wait. Chad Kelly was 2nd team? Good grief.

The biggest omission is Ragnow. Professional Football Focus, who is legit, has him as the highest rated center in the country. For him not to be on the first or second all conference team is shear lunacy…RW should have beaten out Pettway for first team. I got in a twitter battle with Barrett Sallee yesterday about that very issue as Bleacher Report also had Pettway first team RB. Pettway has a slightly better YPC (.4) but is worse in every other stat including the receiving ones. Sallee is the worst…I truly believe he just doesn’t like or respect Arkansas which is part of the problem. I told him at the beginning of the year the Hogs wouldn’t finish last liked he picked them to. He is a total hack…

Pocic from LSU is a great player. Ragnow may have had better ratings by that guy, but the NFL scouts that were used by the Football Writers Association of America have Pocic of LSU rated as the nation’s best center. Pocic has been SEC linemen of the week three times this year. He was great the night I saw him. I think he had 19 knockdown blocks against Arkansas.

Austin Allen should have been ahead of Chad Kelly.

Ok…I know Pocic is a great player but what about the second team? Is that guy better than Ragnow? I completely agree about Allen over Kelly

By my quick count (may have missed something):

Bama 11
LSU - 9
A&M 6
Auburn 6
Florida 6
Vandy 3
Ole Miss 3
Arkansas 2
Tennessee 2
UK 2
Missouri 2
SC 0

The biggest surprise to me is UGA with 0, based on their history. Based on the butt whipping we gave UF, surprises me they have 6.