Skipper earns a big NFL payday this Saturday...........

…that is prediction number one. I think he plays well against Garrett. That will not mean he shuts him down totally. Garrett will make a play or two. But I think Skipper holds his own pass blocking most of the time and I think Skipper pounds him on several run plays right at him. This will set him up for a high draft pick next spring.

  1. We will have to out score A&M, in the end, to win and we will. This team wins 4th quarters and overtimes. It will be a punch and counter punch game and we will get the last shot for the win.

  2. Drew Morgan will make several nice punt returns and Cole Hedlund will return home to Texas and will kick three field goals. Special teams will come through.

  3. It will be the best win for Bielema since coming to Arkansas until two weeks from Saturday when there will be a bigger win.