Skipper at Cowboys practice

I’m watching a live TV Cowboys practice here in Dallas right now. Actually had the Cowboys offense versus defense and pass pro drills. Skipper was absolutely getting abused by guys like Taco Charlton, first round rookie out of Michigan. They were talking about Skipper’s lack of upper body strength. I do understand this is the NFL versus college. And he did make the Cowboys camp roster as a free agent. But he appears to have quite a long ways to go. Just is too tall and lanky to play this position in the NFL. Even Ben Herbert could not make him as strong as he apparently needs to be.

I wonder if DE might be a better position for Big Dan in the NFL?

Way, way, way too slow.

I am really pulling for Skipper. He was a good college player and even better change agent for the new staff after Harleygate. He was a fierce Razorback. His size was a problem at times for College but he compensated and still did a good job. He had problems against the Bama type talent so that was a sign he had some challenges at the NFL level. It’s a drastic jump from HS to College and equally so from College to NFL.

Quick defensive players did give the Skip man problems, but I’m sure pulling for the big guy. I’ve never seen a Hog lineman with more pure hustle and want to than Skipper possessed. I bet there’s not a whole lot of rookie harassment being thrown his way in the Cowboy camp.

He may be too slow afoot to be an NFL tackle, which coupled with the strength problem makes it really tough for him to keep leverage. I would think with coaching and a lot of work his current ability could be improved, but that may require more investment than the Cowboys or any one else is willing to put into him, versus some other OL who starts out with a bit quicker feet, and better strength.

The problem with him as an NFL guard is that he would have to get a lot stronger in functional strength to survive in the interior. He just is not as strong as NFL interior DL right now Plus his height in the interior works against him for any one who does not have either a very tall or very mobile QB, as he can obscure the QB’s vision of the middle of the field in certain situations. He also is going to have problems against interior DL in the run game because of his height, as those guys are going to get under him often on run plays, causing him to lose leverage on any play where he has to do more than fall on top of somebody or perhaps fire out straight ahead.

So… he’s a pretty good college player with his work cut out to make an NFL roster, especially one with as much OL talent as the Cowboys. Hopefully he keeps improving enough to get enough reps in pre-season for Dallas to either put him on the practice squad or another team pick him for their practice squad when he gets cut. His attitude is right to do that, so that gives him a puncher’s chance to eventually stick with a team.


I’m a Skipper fan too so I hope he makes it with the Cowboys.