SJ reunited with Freeze

At Falwell U. Assistant AD of football operations or some such. Seems like a good guy. Hope he doesn’t get any Freeze dried crud on him.

I just love when people are so trying to be witty they just muck up the entire message and make me go WHO the hell is SJ and where the hell is Falwell U.

I so prefer for people to say what they mean and mean what they say.

With a little digging evidently its Liberty and Sean Tuohy Jr. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy and informative to say that in the first place. :frowning:


Well Excuuuuuuuusssseeeeee Meeeeee! Perhaps you should put me on ignore. I post how I post, and at my age I’m not likely to change. All the best to you sir.

Don’t feel bad. It took me a minute or two to figure out who he was referring to.

Aw, c’mon eaglehog5. It was not that clear who you meant. The only real hint was Freeze.

LOL…… Sometimes I am more entertained by reading the interactions on this board than I am informed by reading the content.

To use a reference Eagle slapped at me Sunday “ laughing my behind off “ good one Votan

This post would be easily understood by fans of The Blind Side and or folks who’s memory of politics goes back about 40 years. If my post is too cryptic for some folks to understand, that’s alright. There have been a few by others that have gone over my head. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

SJ Tuohy was an asset worth keeping. I was sad to see him leave. Liberty is absolutely Falwell’s baby.

The news was clear in the espn article. Just sayin’.

Yeah if I had been on my laptop, I would have posted a link. I’m not techno savvy enough to do that on my phone.

I had no idea either. I was scratching my head.

Never watched “The Blind Side” and don’t intend to… not interested in Ole Miss. Hell even Michael Oher said he didn’t care for the movie. As for how far back my memory goes, well that seems a bit day to day. But it started back in the 60’s. Is that far enough back for ya. As far as who Falwell is, well, I guessed you meant the cousin of the “Killer” that married his cousin. I still didn’t know Liberty was his University. And so as not to be too vague with witty nicknames… the “Killer” was Jerry Lee Lewis, who married his own cousin Myra Brown and they had a famous cousin Jerry Falwell. Not bad for my poor old memory to remember all those names but I did.

Actually Votan, the Killer did have a televange-lust cousin, but it was not Dr. Jerry Falwell. It was swaggering Jimmy Swaggart. The TV preachers were behaving badly in those days. Hugh Freeze reminds me a lot of those guys. I wish we could have kept SJ around. I think that kid has a bright future if he doesn’t flame out at Liberty. Pun intended.

Your right. I was always mixing Jimmy Swaggart and Jerry Falwell up. Not much difference I can see, just two peas from the same pod. Both TV Evangelists that both got embroiled with sex scandals. But Jimmy was the cousin and not Jerry. As I stated above my memory is day to day. :slight_smile: Some days better than others… comes with age I suppose.

I know what you mean Votan. My problem is more with the short term though. I can remember plenty from the 70’s and 80’s but often find myself staring blankly into the refrigerator, unable to remember why I opened it. For the record, Falwell was not directly involved in any sexual scandals, but did parachute into the Jim Bakker mess. Bakker then accused him of trying to hijack his empire. Good times!

Eagle - I’m a fan. You’ve been here a long time and are - IMO - a good poster. I enjoy your takes.

That said, for the record, I had no idea who you were talking about in the OP myself. I believe we are all a little “inside” on our posts from time to time (raises his own hand as guilty).

Don’t sweat it, and really - I wouldn’t take anything in this thread as harsh criticism. Just an honest expression of “what was that you said?”. :

Thanks Wiz and I really didn’t take it as harshly as my initial reaction may have indicated. Channelled my inner late 70’s Steve Martin with the Well excuuuuuussseeee meeeeeeee! Showing my age I suppose,as anyone old enough to get that has probably forgotten it. LOL!

And, I say stuff to my wife and she says, “What are you talking about.” Slang and jargon can fall into our language. Communication is what I’m supposed to do. Who am I writing for? I was told by my father to be simple and clear. He said his goal was to write so a sixth grader could read it. I said, “But dad, that’s not your audience?” He said, “I want everyone to understand. Don’t try to show them how smart or clever you can write. Communicate.”

Excuse me is pretty good.

The earliest I remember Steve Martin was beside Dan Aykroyd as the Czech Brothers… two wild and crazy guys. That was sometimes in the mid to late 70s I think. I might of seen him earlier, but that was when he made his first impression on me. Not long after that he had his King Tut moment, also on SNL. I still hum that tune from time to time and some of the words. As far as things go, it would never fly now, the politically correct police would be crappin’ eggrolls with that song now. Then I think he got his big breakout in The Jerk, where he finally discovered what his special purpose was… turns out it was acting/writing!! LOL

I had to add some links for people that never got to see it:
King Tut:

Czech Brothers: