Sixth Parkview player gets DI offer

2022 S Trent Bennett gets his first offer from Colorado.

Michigan State offers.

Why didn’t Parkview have D1 Football players (very few) before Bolding?

Didn’t have anyone trying to get the kids out of the hallways and promoting the program. Also before Michael Poore and AD John Daniels got in place the district did everything they could to deemphasize sports.

The best thing that happened to the district was the state took over and put Poore in charge. He started giving Daniels more leeway and money and you’re seeing the difference.

Thanks, Richard. LR school district has improved coaching staffs at Parkview, Hall, and Southwest.

That should help a lot of kids in addition to UA Football and other state colleges.

Former AD Johnny Johnson tried but he was handcuffed by the old guard. He eventually left to be the AD at Russellville.

LOL, that’s State’s old coach! guess they aren’t too proud of the new guy???


Not following?


I would say LR Central too. I like what coach Laster is doing.

Dantonio is on the Twitter pic, but MSU’s coach is now Mel Tucker. very odd. like us offering a kid and having Chad Morris’ pic on our twitter, instead of CSP.

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Gotcha. Didn’t even notice.

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