Six sacks?!

Went over the box score, and am rewatching the game (while also watching 3 other games. My wife is a saint).

We got good pressure on the QB! Not every single down. But, 6 sacks? When did we last have 6 sacks against ANYONE?


2000 Cotton Bowl?

Portland State to open the 2019 season.


…and someone on the during game thread was upset that we weren’t getting enough pressure on the QB. Heavens. of course, there were down’s that we did not. And we got hurt. But overall, I can’t remember getting that kind of pressure. At least not that ended with an actual sack. Portland state in 2019? I guess so. I wasn’t counting that day I don’t reckon.

Any opponent that gets gets a first down on 3rd and 15 or more bothers me! Those are o virus times that QB pressure could have been key!
Our hogs play hard and leave it on the field. The defense played better today than last week! It’s just hard to grip when our hogs win!

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