Six iseems to be the "magic number" for this team

As in, six runs.

When we score six or more runs, we are 31-3. Another way of saying that is it’s about like playing in Baum.

Conversely, when we hold teams to below six runs, we are 35-8.

Those numbers are independant of each other. In other words, if ALL you knew was that we scored, say, 7 runs, you’d know we had an excellent chance to win - over 90% based on 31-3 in such games thsi season.

Conversely, if ALL you knew was that we had held the opponent to a score of 5 or less, then you’d also think our chances were good - based on 35-8 (81%).

Wizard another interesting thought about “6”. We have a 1 game winning streak if we can make it a 6 game winning streak the hogs will win it all!
The hogs are more than capable of winning the CWS!

And, the sign of the Horns is “666” . . .


Put 6 runs on the horns in the first, second and third innings and put them out of their misery!

From Tom Murphy’s article this morning:
"6-run rule

The Razorbacks have a 33-3 record when they’ve scored six runs or more this year. Their record when scoring fewer than six runs is 14-16.

Arkansas had scored six-plus runs in six of their nine NCAA Tournament games and averaged 8.4 runs per game heading into the finals series."[/color]

Only got 5 vs the Wallets and that worked out okay.

I had a dream last night that Cole, Casey, Silent J and Bonfield all took the molester deep in the top of the first, and he wasn’t around long enough to get the abuse he deserves.

Well to be honest if you have a high quality club Like we do and you score six runs you should win the game. Both of these teams averaged more than seven runs a game so makes sense

Someboby’s been reading the Omaha World:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Swine I like the thought of starting off with 1 -4 in the batting order going deep in the first inning. Let’s hope it happens but I would settle for 4 or 5 runs and a long ball or two.

[color=#BF0000]HUH? Take a look at the date of my OP, then tell me who’s been reading who?[/color]