Sitting at my desk, getting nervous

I so do not want this season to end tonight.

Just venting the tension.

Yes I know what you mean that’s why you have to have 3 very dependable starters not knowing what will be at a Campbell makes you nervous in the way Reindl look yesterday my Gosh he was awful I’m thinking he may go to ramage if he gets in trouble

I may be nervous but the hogs are in better shape as far as pitching goes! I think Campbell will suprise everyone tonight and shut the Poultry down. I’m hoping our players take a good approach at the plate and takes their cuts at strikes.
The season will continue. Hogs win!!!

While we won’t know what we’re going to get out of Campbell until he pitches to the first batter, I’ve been thinking about the challenge S. Carolina is facing in their pitching decision.

I’m guessing they are going to start freshman Carmen Mlodzinski (3-5, 4.84 ERA), simply because we haven’t seen him before, so it may take us a while to get him figured out.

The other freshman they are considering, Logan Chapman (3-3, 5.64 ERA), we’ve seen twice and kicked around pretty good in the recent SEC Tournament. Not sure they want to risk putting him in front of us again so soon.