Site upgrade idea for future

I’ve noticed we tend to be having an issue to some degree for Thread Bumping. (Very old threads being brought back from the dead for various reasons, mostly to stir a pot)

I’ve also noticed in this latest version of the board they have access to lots of metrics on every post.

You will see an initial thread header something like this:

THis give you the topic, how many replies, how many views, and time/date of last activity.

There is also a slide bar when you get within a thread like this:

This give you a good date for each reply in the post and its position. Why do I point this out? Well just showing that the metric of which I’m about to mention is indeed already tracked and accessible.

My upgrade suggestion is with the Thread Header. Perhaps add a 4th column just past “Activity” and call it “Started”. Within this column you could show the start date of the original post. A date which is available as I’ve shown because it can be seen on the slide bar. This would go a long way to prevent you from having to slog through old waters because someone wants to push buttons.

Where you ended up with a Thread Header something like this:

Just thinking a bit out loud here. And sorry for the long winded rambling, but as an old programmer, sometimes I try to explain things a bit too much.

Makes sense to me. :+1::+1:

I just posted, on the recruiting board, a really easy to always spot a “bumped” thread without doing any new programming. Require that any bumped post over 1 week old must be done via a new post with a link to the old thread. We would always know who (2009?) posted the “new” post with a link to the old thread. We can hover over the title and see the description in the link. If that description doesn’t interest us, we don’t open the post. It certainly would be less annoying. Link below to a posting example: