Site change request - Matt/Clay

When looking at the forums, each thread has a line that notifies who made the last post. Could that be changed so that it instead notifies of who made the first post in the thread?

I don’t get much use out of knowing who made the last post. However, knowing the originator of a thread would help avoid opening many useless threads. It seems some posters will start numerous threads with the same theme, and they can fill a page rather quickly.

Mine shows who started the thread right under the topic.

I’m not sure how you are viewing the boards. When I look on my PC, the title of the post is at the left. Immediately underneath is a line which shows the author, date and time of the original post. To the right is the information about the most recent post. The image below shows that.


OK good answer.
Next how do we change this Zulu time to get the right time of posts?
It’s crazy to have times posted as 5 hours ahead of when we actually post.
Yes I know this has & was covered before but I can’t figure that out now?
Help please.

[color=#00BF00][size=130]As shown in the F.A.Q. thread that is shown atop all of the forums:[/size][/color]

Set the forum time zone

  • Each individual must set their own time zone for the Whole Hogs Sports forums.
    • Click on your UserId in the upper right of each page (in the red bar).
    • Select User Control Panel
    • Select the tab Board Preferences
    • For CST select America/Chicago

I view on iPhone 95% of the time. It only shows who made the last post.

Gotcha. On an iPhone, there is simply not enough room to show all of the information that I noted. When you view the forum itself, it does show the author of the most recent post as you noted. If you use the Unread posts or New posts link, the topic is shown along with the original poster.