Sit Harris

He’s killing us offensively and defensively tonight.

You called that right. He is plain bad tonight. Turnover and a dunk for A&M.
Dribble the ball tor 10 to 15 seconds and take him a shot for yet another brick. I hope he sits him. !

Adrio is sure good about turning the ball over too! I just can’t believe this is the best team we can put on the floor.

Gabe was playing better except for the fouls.

Embarrassing. Awful effort on the defensive side.

What effort on defense.

Harris has been really bad at really key moments.

And as far as Adrio Bailey, I don’t like bashing players, but I’ve never wanted a player to transfer out so badly before. He’s so bad on so many levels. He killed our momentum when we were down by 1 and got the steal, he took a mid-range shot that was just ugly. He’s not a high major basketball player. He’s a 6’6 PF, who can’t dribble, can’t shoot, not quick, bad rebounder, not a good passer, and struggles to finish in traffic. He doesn’t do anything good.

After reading your assessment of Bailey what do you think MA saw in him during the recruiting process,because I don’t know. WPS

Bailey wasn’t bad at all his freshman year, he was an elite athlete, I remember all his dunks, and he brought defensive intensity and was quick on his feet. He’s lost all of that. Bart (from sportstalkwithbo) was saying he’s never seen a guy before lose his athleticism like Bailey has. He doesn’t have any explosiveness anymore. He’s tried to dunk on guys several times this year, and he’s done it once.

Now, one poster on another board was saying Bailey pledged this summer and was doing all of that and wasn’t working on that hard on basketball. Now that’s just a rumor, but it would explain a lot. I pledged and so I know how time consuming that is and a toll it can play on your body, depending on which organization you join.

Thank you.WPS

Same thing I did when I went to see him play - a Michael Qualls-like player.

It didn’t turn out to be that.

Me too Dudley. I agree with what Bart was saying about never seeing someone lose their athleticism like that, you watch Bailey’s high school highlights I mean the kid is explosive and a ferocious dunker, I thought he could possibly be better than Qualls as for as his athleticism. He showed signs of that freshman year, but since then, it’s like one of the Monstars took his powers or something, guys are just blocking his shots, he’s not getting enough lift when he jumps, just like tonight he tried to explode to dunk on a guy and just didn’t get the lift to do it.

How many other players on our roster do you feel like have regressed since joining the program? WPS