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I’ve been an SXM subscriber for a long time, but I never really did anything with the app. Until today. Andy Staples and Barrett Sallee were talking realignment and a lot of insanity, Andy style, and I turned it on the app after I got out of the car. Then I see other things. An interview with Muss during the CWS, talking about everything from the Backstreet Boys to helping Colby Hale during soccer recruiting visits. An interview with Phil Elson during the CWS. Matt Goodheart after the super. DVH after the regional. Even the Outback Bowl broadcast. It’ll take me a while to go through all this.

Take home message: There’s more on the app than there is in the car, and you can go back and listen to archived stuff, which you can’t do in the car.


Good to know. I listen in the car (and to, honestly, only a small handful of channels) but have never downloaded the app. I’ll have to do that.

Yeah, I’ve gathered that. It’s too bad I can’t use it. I downloaded the app and tried to sign in. I’m getting the equivalent of a spinner.

I suspect that it is my subscription to XM. I bought a radio in January of 2009. At that time I bought a lifetime plan for just under $465. The radio still works, although the plug-in outlet in my vehicle is a bit wonky.

Well dadgum. I managed to get logged in after all. It says that I have a platinum subscription. WOW.


One thing that surprised me is that it recognized my favorite channels. I’m not exactly sure how it did that, but it makes things easier. It did not have the Royals channel marked, but I fixed that.

ESPNU Channel 84. I am on that whenever I am in the car. I use the app too to get replays. I find the app to be of uninspiring audio quality, but that isn’t a big deal for talk sports.

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Agreed on the quality. There’s also an SEC channel (374 I think) that I can’t get in my car for some reason, but is on the app.

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Yes I listen to channel 84 all the time they have a lot of good info on there

If you Bluetooth with a portable speaker (I have a Bose), the sound improves dramatically. My motorhome doesn’t have SiriusXM onboard. I utilize the app and speaker to overcome the deficiency and it works great.

SOP for me to have the app going on my phone while I am walking or on cardiac gear at the gym. And of course Sirius XM is great for long, boring drives and to listen to other games to/from Hog football games.

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