Singleton makes top 11 cut at Elite 11 camp

Though he doesn’t quite have the stature of KJ, I think he’s going to light it up at Arkansas. I see him running Briles scheme like D’Erique King (sp)

What’s even more impressive about this is that, as stated in the tweet, 1/2 of this is based on pre-camp ratings, and 1/2 on what they actually do in camp.

Since he came in at #15, to move up to #11 that means his actual play in camp most likely has been rated #6 or #7. It’s not easy to move up that much against an elite field like the guys that are invited to this camp.

I’m excited to get him to campus next year.


This doesn’t appear to be a cut. Rather, it’s a pre-pro day ranking.

Malachi seems to have a decent day yesterday. I’m one drill, he hit 16-20 targets and seemed to spin the ball well.

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Singleton showing out…

Off-topic…Someone needs to tell whoever created that post that the place after two guys tied at 5th is 7th, NOT 6th…lol…

Was Collins ranked lower than 11th? In the June 29th PreCamp Ranking? He is not listed.

Got me. Not sure.

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Thought I saw he was 16 or 17th in this precamp ranking.

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Very nice!! Glad we have him as a hog.

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