Since we've scheduled BYU and Notre Dame

Don’t let Les Miles do the commentary for that one: Kansas vs. AR-Kansas, ugh!!!

Nebraska in late October or early November, so I’d have an excuse for a long week up there pheasant hunting, maybe slip off to South Dakota!! I’m loving it.

I’m with Clay. Give me 10 days in Montana where I can watch the hogs play twice.

But if not an option I’ll take a Colorado game again.

I like going to games in areas that I haven’t been much before and where I can get outside to enjoy the surroundings. The Colorado State game this year checked that box. The BYU game would do the same. I’m a fan of anything that will take me west.

Fly into Denver and drive over to SLC. That is one interesting drive. Take 40 over there, then drop dopwn to I-70 for the return. Key the gas tank full!!

If someone, besides myself, was paying for my travels, I’d be for that too!

Oregon or okie st.

Oregon so I can visit the sacred grounds that Otter, Flounder, and Boon called home.

Clay you might know answer to this. I believe either when Frank was coach or soon after we had series Nebraska scheduled but was cancelled for some reason. Of course this was before there was big TV contracts so I don’t believe there was any payoff. Could you try find out what happened and when it was? Thanks!

I’d like to play Stanford again. The one time we played them before was the one time they had a Heisman Trophy winner. I’d like to try again, great QB or no.

I’m with you on this choice


Iowa State

Oregon State
Washington State
Arizona State


We must learn to walk before we can attempt to run.

Throw Wyoming in there, too.

WY would be great as well. Of course, they said the altitude got them at CSU (totally bogus claim) at 5000 ft. What would they think about 7000 at WY?

assumption being we need to schedule a win and believe we are headed back to better days, then look at the possibities: … e-division

we have a history with Rutgers, have been compared to NC State and the like. Purdue is an interesting campus, ditto Northwestern. When are we looking to place this game ? opening day or late in the season? winnable at all costs or does entertainment count more? We had frequently scheduled Cal in baseball, why not football? how about Louisville who will by that time have purged Bobby P and we could share media stories of his repugnant character (all NFL coaches call him bad names and hate his guts). I love fishing so going to Miami seems like a no brainer (plus we have history). Nebraska makes sense given current program status shared. … e-division