Since we've scheduled BYU and Notre Dame

Which Power 5 schools would you like to see on future schedules?

Texas is not allowed; it’s too easy. Besides, we own them. Even Bielema beat them. Borrrrr-ingggg.

I’d like to see Nebraska personally.

I’d still like to play Michigan. Like to get to the Big House while I can.

Ohio State would kick our butts now but I’d like to get to the Horseshoe too.

Keep in mind that Army can also count as a Power Five opponent, according to the SEC.

Based solely on my interest in going to the road game:

Colorado-While the CSU game outcome was a disaster, the road trip to the state was great, and would love to do it again.
West Virginia- though I’m told that their fans are pretty nasty.
Virginia Tech- Really good program historically, Blacksburg is right there close to the Blue Ridge.
Pittsburg-If they could guarantee there would be a Steelers home game the next day.
Army- I have always wanted to see West Point.

Noticed every team I listed is Big Ten.


Somebody in the ACC, if only because (I hope) I’m moving to North Carolina soon and it would be nice to see the Hogs fairly close. UNC, NCS and Duke are all within an hour or so of my anticipated residence. SoCar is only two hours down I-95 but we only play in the Coop every six years.

Washington. Love the stadium location by the lake, Seattle is a great city. I’ve flown over their stadium and I’d like to be in it.

UCLA, if only to play in the Rose Bowl.

If you have to have a Little Dozen team on this list, OU.

Louisville. A chance to rub some gravel in BP’s old wounds.

Virginia Tech we owe them a complete game.

Penn State. No real reason it would just be fun to see.

Oklahoma. It would be good for crootin.

Clemson. After CCM has had 4 or more years to get the hogs playing and running his offense.

I don’t want to see the Hogs play Army. I would hate to pull for my Hogs against them.

Always play Texas every year. It would be nice to start the year off playing the Horns in Jerey’s world every year.

My first choice would be Colorado for obvious reasons. I think everybody enjoyed their time at CSU except the team once again forgot that the game is 4 qtrs instead of 3. CU has a decent program now, is Pac 12, but should not be a killer compared to several other programs.

I would certainly go with Army since that one counts (if they count, why not Navy or Air Force?). I have a special spot for those three and always pull for them. Frank brought Navy to LR one year. The Drum and Bugel Corps were worth it all alone.

Other than those, don’t really care. I do not want us to “over schedule”. The SEC is enough of that alone.

When the SEC put in place its non-conference mandate, there were three independents: Notre Dame, BYU and Army. Those are the three schools that can count as the Power Five exemption, although I’m with you in thinking that all of the service academies should count, especially if you’re willing to play them at their place or at a neutral site where they are considered the home team.

I would love to go see the Hogs play in the Rose Bowl, but that probably will not happen. The tradition and the scenery there is just the best along with the weather. If we did play there, it would probably be in the CFB playoffs.

I would love to see Arkansas play Texas in Austin for old times’s sake.

Notre Dame in South Bend.

Ohio State in the horseshoe.

Michigan in the Big House.

Oklahoma in a series of home and home.

I think we have a better chance of scheduling a home and home with UCLA than we do of playing in the playoffs any time soon. And the RB being what it is, chances that we’d get sent there for a New Year’s Six berth without being in the playoffs are even slimmer.

I would love to see Nebraska on the schedule. I believe we’ve only played them once in our history and everyone knows when that was. After going to Omaha this summer for the CWS and realizing what an easy drive it is, Lincoln would be a great weekend trip and the same for Nebraskans heading our way.

The Cornhusker fans could see the beauty of the campus and the hills from the east upper deck. The Hog fans in the upper deck in Lincoln could see… I don’t know, maybe Iowa, South Dakota and the campus tree?

They do have loyal fans, though I must admit to enjoying their suffering this year.

Looking forward to going to Notre Dame in a couple years. Never been to Chicago, so will probably go 2 or 3 days early. Probably can’t see much in a couple days, so maybe a return trip to Northwestern. Would also love to go to Arizona St, Washington, Washington St, Boston College, Syracuse, Minnesota, and Stanford. Miami is just down the road, and the wife is a Fla St. grad, so throw them on the schedule as well.

They would see downtown Lincoln. The campus is pretty much in the middle of it.

It is the closest drive for a Power Five program that is not in the Big 12. There are a lot of Nebraska fans in Northwest Arkansas. We have a couple who work in our newspaper office and Bella Vista has an alumni group.

I wouldn’t be doing much sightseeing but playing a historical program similar to OU but further away from our recruiting base would be fun.

I vote to play Montana and Montana State in back-to-back weeks. I’ll go early and stay late!

Yeah, I know the assignment was to pick a power 5 school, but Montana is a really BIG state. Maybe that equates to powerful!

The 3 games I would want most:

  1. SEC championship
  2. National semifinals
  3. National championship

Agree with Nebraska - for years now, I’ve been hoping/expecting that we’d re-connect with them in a Bowl (obviously, not THIS year for either team!), but it never happened. Would love to see a home and home with the Huskers before I depart.

Also, Clemson and FSU are teams/places that I think would be good for a 2 game series. Penn State as well.

Army in Yankee Stadium or some other scenic neutral site would always be fun, but even home-and-home would be neat.

Nebraska is a good choice as well.

Florida State would be a good trip and a traditional power.

Stanford … Michigan State … Penn State … Maryland … Boston College.

A 10 year schedule with Kansas, we need the wins, hopefully we can beat them.