Since we lost out on Tre Mitchell

Any other interesting bigs to keep an eye on? I just have to believe Muss wants to add at least one more big.

Good post. I had heard from several different places that we were in the mix for Tre until today. I was a bit surprised we weren’t in his top 6 but not shocked. This doesn’t mean we weren’t ever in consideration by him, but stuff happens quickly sometimes that can flip things on their head.

Perhaps those such as Dudley or Richard can add more if they feel it’s appropriate on Tre.

But, it would be very interesting to see what our pecking order right now is.

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Oh well, so much for folks who claim they got “sources” lol. For the record, I’m not referring to any poster on this recruiting board or the basketball board. I’m talking about posters on other Hog message boards (not at who always claiming they got “insider” info about this, that, or the other.

Anyway, on to the next.

I’m certain Muss wants to add at least one big this spring/summer.

I sure hope Mitchell doesn’t choose LSU, but knowing Razorback fans luck, Tre probably will.

Here’s a candidate. Definitely a rim protector:

Is the Serb still out there and available?

We didn’t make his Top 4.

Serb’s Top 4?

Yea him… Arkansas didn’t make his list of finalists and he’ll decide next week.

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Care to elaborate?

Well, Serb had a good Zoom call with Muss, Muss had recruited him out of high school, we need a big man. So, it is really surprising that we are not even a finalist.

Maybe Muss has an ace in the hole that none of us know about.

That thought occurred to me. I was wondering if we backed off him. That was the primary reason fir my post, although I didn’t say it.

Interesting thought :thinking:

I’d take him:

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I would think that Muss would prefer to take a big that is more well-rounded than Adu. And I still think Muss has an ace up his sleeve regarding the big we all know he needs to finish the class. I just have a feeling that Mitchell wanted more than Muss was willing to agree to. I could be wrong, but I think Mitchell wants to be “the man,” and he wasn’t going to get that here.

Probably so but PJ loves giving props to Goodman for some reason.

I’m still waiting for you to say why you think we aren’t a finalist for Mahorcic, PJ?

Sorry, I overlooked that. Viewing highlights of Mahorcic, I think he didn’t appear as mobile as Muss likes his bigs to be. Mahircic seemed lsomewhat better than Vanover in mobility but not what Muss likes.

Also, I think Muss may not be looking for the type of big we talk about here. I think Muss is going to play one big, three positionless players and a PG.

So, I think he will rotate JWill and Kimani as a big, rotate Umude, Toney, Devo, JRob and JD as 3 positionless players and rotate Lykes and KK at PG.