Since we have really zero knowledge

of the facts, here’s what I think…and like me its very simple:

If Malzahn really wants to “come home”, then he will be our next HC and it won’t matter whether he loses to UGA or whether he wins the NC. We would be crazy to not wait for GM even if it puts this recruiting year somewhat in jeopardy. If he’s a NC coach coming here, his staff will get a lot of recruiting mileage from that, but even if you cede this year, I’m assuming he will get a 5 - 7 year deal which is plenty of time to recover from a late start in recruiting his first season here.

The way long was cut loose and the fact that there is very little “leakage” about other candidates, makes me think the BOT knows Malzahn is in the can - and they will wait til post NCG if necessary to get it done.

Was actually typing the same thing…Gus winning the NC and coming home is the best case scenario…lots of recruiting mileage by a staff that just won the NC…his DC at Auburn has to be part of the deal…could care less about one down year in recruiting to bring in that staff…not poisoned by any of Gus’s past isssues here so keep me out of that drama.

Don’t see it happening. No sources

I’d be shocked if he won the NC & still decided to come home. If he did, there’s no telling what kind of money or other concessions he’d want.

No doubt such a thing would provide us great recruiting ammo, but the important signing date isn’t in February any more. Instead of it being 2-3 weeks after the NC game, it’s 3-4 weeks before it. We’d almost certainly lose all this class if we don’t know who our coach is when the December signing day rolls around.

The only way this works is if he wins the SECCG, signs as the new UA coach, & is allowed to recruit for us while still coaching AU through the playoff games. That’s a combination of events I don’t see happening.

Auburn loses this weekend, he’s announced here the next week. Auburn wins this weekend, Norvell is announced the next week.

Just an opinion.

See no reason why that would happen. Why would he even consider coming to this mess? He has played against us and knows how lacking in SEC talent we are. He could be going from a NC to a 3-9 or so season next year.

The money really is not an issue. He is and will be making so much that they can do or have whatever they wish.

I cannot see waiting until the NC game for him, because as we saw today at TN, it ain’t over till its over. We could be going into FEB. without a coach or propects of one. If they did happen to drag one up then ( say HDN ), there would be no good assistants out there to hire. No way, that chance can be taken.

Got to get something in place next week.

Everything you say is true of course, and I agree it makes absolutely no sense for GM to leave Auburn for Arkansas, unless…he just wants to come back to his home state, the university and football pgm he has always loved, and brimming with confidence he can restore us to a Broyles level of football respect. He would “own” the state, unlike coaching in the huge shadow of bama/saban. If he thinks he can coach us back to respectability - or even more (and believe me he does!), then it would be understandable he might want to coach the Hogs for another 10 - 12 years, then perhaps retire from coaching right here at home. Obviously this is all speculation, but it makes sense to me. If Norvel or Frost are the other HC’s in play, I’m absolutely on board, but I can’t imagine passing on a home grown, NC coach who loves and wants the job!

I find it difficult to believe that we would risk waiting to announce a coach until after the playoffs are over, and I find it difficult to believe that a coach would announce that he is leaving his present school while he is preparing his team for a shot at the NC.

AU is going to lose this weekend.

I agree.

It’s OK, he can recruit 4 and 5 stars here so he wont care about our talent level. We’ll be beating Bama season after next. :lol:

I’ve never been on the Gus Bus but as this saga goes on I’m beginning to get excited about that possibility. Understand I’m still not convinced it would happen but if it did I’m all in. I’ve read on this board that in real life he’s a decent guy that is focused 100% on coaching football and calling plays. I’ve read on this board he’s a complete 100% jerk. None of that really matters unless he lacks integrity and I’ve not seen any evidence that is lacking. But the wild card is 1. The wife 2. His love for the Razorbacks and state. Those two things I understand completely. If my wife wants to move home really bad - I’m going to do my best to move home. And loving the Razorbacks and state - who on here does not understand how that can draw you home?

Again, I’m not convinced it will happen but their is no doubt that Gus is fed up with the nuts living in Alabama. I’ve been exposed to those folks a lot and it’s crazy. Just look at their record of running off coaches. No room for an off year. We shall see. I’m good with Norvel if this does not work out or the Clemson dude.

He lacks integrity because he was never coming here.

He has used us to get a raise and financial security.

He is laughing all the way to the bank and we bought it like one of those trout Clay catches.

Oh I have no doubt Gus expressed an interest in returning to Arkansas. Several weeks ago Auburn was ready to fire him. Jury was still out as to what Auburn would’ve done had the lost to Alabama. He was finding a landing spot with additional years and millions to his direction. That is smart planning.

Our problem was this. To make it feasible for him to return, Long and Bielema had to go. The BOT were told Gus is coming. Plan put in place. Everything until Saturday afternoon indicated Gus was coming. Auburn won. Now, the brakes are getting pumped. If Auburn wins this weekend he is going to the playoffs and there is no chance of him coming here. He will get a new contract from Auburn that resets his clock and adds new millions to him so that if/when they want to fire him again, he will be financially set for life.

our AD has to do her due diligence this week on Mike Norvell, Skip Holtz, Kevin Sumlin, Brent Venables, or some surprise candidate like Ryan Day at Ohio St. to have someone ready on Monday should Gus win. Gus loses, you make him tell you no before moving on.

Wally and others just want it back to where they have leaks and connections within the department so that they can learn about news.