Since we can't watch it

:rage: What radio station in NWA will carry the game tonite?

Thought I saw where you can watch a livestream on the CBS Sports App, but I am not sure if that is correct.

I think 103.7

I think there’s a link on the Razorback home page to listen to the game.

So the link on the Razorback website uses the TuneIn app to stream live audio of the game. It’s always been free before, but now TuneIn says I have to upgrade to premium to stream live games. So much for that, wonder if the University knows their official platform for sports audio is now charging their fan base (still says listen for free on the Razorback website).

So I went to iHeart radio app, the game is being broadcast on 92.1 The Ticket Sports Radio.

I am listening on the app without paying anything

It’s the Gameday App, not the regular Arkansas Razorbacks App

Good thing we can’t watch this.

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