Since we are off, I've watched

some other games/teams today and it has made me more appreciative of the team we have. Vandy and LSU may be fine in the long haul but we are significantly better than them if we stay healthy.

Tennessee is where coaches’ careers go to die. And, the record doesn’t reflect it, yet, but Vitiello has already significantly improved the Vols. They may be pretty good in a few years. Hopefully he will be around when it happens.

And I know we gifted OM a series but they lost a DH today and in G2 they lost by 1. In a 7-inning game they lost a runner at 3b on a hidden ball trick (in the 5th inning when they had just scored 4 to tie and had 2nd and 3rd and no outs) and then had the tying run thrown out trying to steal 3b with one out and down a run in the 7th.

Sometimes if you look around, you realize your team is pretty good.

Spoiled, we are.

Just be glad you aren’t a fan of Saint Peter’s University baseball. The Peacocks are on a roll – straight downhill. They’ve lost 66 straight games.

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Yep, we’re spoiled.

Any baseball team named the “Peacocks” deserve to lose 66 straight…