Since we are hearing all these coaching rumors

What about the AD? I have heard names such as Scott Bull, Kevin Scanlon who I’ve heard probably isn’t going to get it and Tim Horton. I also heard not necessary to be from Arkansas but must be from south of Mason-Dixon. Anyone heard anything at all?

Sweet. Long is eligible for re-hire. His hometown–Kettering, OH–is south of the original Mason-Dixon Line.

But, I can understand the thought. Gotta have those southern ties. That’s why Bama’s AD is from the Deep Southern State of Idaho and Clemson’s AD is from Pennsylvania and FSU’s is fron NY and Fla’s former multiple NC one (Foley) is from DC and UK’s is from Kansas City and Lsu’s former NC AD (Bertman) is from Michigan.

It’s too bad Kevin Scanlon is ineligible being from Beaver Falls, PA.

Deep Southern roots are vital.

I suspect that a candidates previous ties to the state or university will be the criteria used rather than city of birth. Scanlon being an ex-player probably helps him. I’m wondering how much influence Steinmetz is going to have in this process or is the BOT pulling all of the strings?

I was just pointing out the absurdity of the whole mindset. The Civil War is over. As I pointed out, there are many very successful ADs at southern schools who are from the North.

Nice post

I suspect it will be someone whose name is not out there yet.

I’ve learned to respect Matt Jones’s opinions (usually based on inside knowledge).

He has said it will be someone with experience and probably not a well known name.

Hopefully, it’s not someone easily manipulated by a certain group.

I will tell you to take all of the rumors with a grain of salt and just add common sense to some of the names. Kevin Scanlon is the victim of a weird rumor of health issues that will keep him from getting the job. That is wrong from everything I have been told. Scott Bull has not got the connections of Scanlon but has a strong business background like Scanlon. Tim Horton? I like Tim but how could we put a position coach in the AD chair? Harold and Tim have a very strong camp of supporters that may be putting this out there for wishful thinking.

Like I said the rumors are just that- rumors. We all love our school and are dying to hire a coach and AD so that we can start the move to recovery. I’m like everyone else in that we are listening to the rumors, speculating and playing chess with the strategy.

Easily manipulated by a certain group is going to be the biggest part of the job description…otherwise Jeff Long would still be the AD.

Most of us don’t care who the group in power is…as long as we win with integrity. Somebody has to be in a position of power. A rudderless ship is not the answer.

With guys like Tommy Boyer and Sheffield Nelson on the board…we are in good hands.

Is Scot Varady from up north?

No, but he did immigrate from a foreign country — Texas.