Since someone else is hinting

you might want to stick around this afternoon.


You are such a tease, RD, lol.

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Ok then RD……one eye on Wholehogsports and the other on work….got it!

And? Maybe I missed it?

I believe it’s Quincy Rhodes, just saw him say he was a Hog on Twitter, and Danny West just tweeted he committed

Edit: Yep RD just posted it on here

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Quincy was thinking he was going to tweet it out around 6ish so I wasn’t expecting him tweeting it this early. You should always expect the unexpected in recruiting.

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When you post something like this it all most feels like Christmas morning when I was a child, now it excites an old man, how our priorities change. WPS

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For the most part I don’t like to but if someone does I’ll join the party.

I did hint about Braylon Russell’s commitment coming without mentioning his name because I got the impression it was going to happen with a few minutes of when I got the text. Of course, it got out later that day and he finally tweeted it the next day.

Dudley on vacation?

That’s what I’ve been wondering. You beat me to the punch to ask about him.

Nope, I am here.

Just went in a wave of making calls to football, basketball and baseball recruits for numerous stories this week.

As Dr. Dre said, I have been in the lab with a pen and a pad…and a cell phone and recorder.

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Thought you may have gone on vacay since we were getting a commit.:wink:

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