Since she's "in control"

We she be the one to call the SEC office and ask for an explanation for the no-call on the (fairly obvious to me) offensive pass interference in the end zone; maybe even the two no-calls on the face mask grabs?

Asking for a friend.

I doubt any of that will be addressed. We know the SEC officials never give us a fair shake, but right now, I think Ms. Peoples has a lot more on her plate than two bad calls.

Arkansas coaches calling the SEC Office to complain about officiating had never done much good.

Coach Rhodes is the interim HC. If anyone makes that call, it would be him. I doubt he’ll do it, but he should. Those were two blatantly bad no-calls & both came at crucial times & were much more costly than the mere yards a penalty would have usually given. The 3rd down face mask on AA would’ve given us a 1st down well into MU territory. Instead we had to punt. The PI wouldn’t have just wiped out the last MU TD, it would have moved them 15 yards back. They might have scored anyway, but I doubt it. (Wasn’t that on a 2nd & goal play?)

Not to mention the 2 PI calls on us when the ball was uncatchable.

This crew needs to hear from the SEC office.

And Coach Rhodes needs to take up for his guys.

I believe he will.

Yep. The two uncatchable balls where they called PI’s on us were bad, too. Not as flagrantly bad as the other two, but when added to those two, were awful.

I though Peoples was intelligent and in control. I was surprised. When someone asked her what she was looking for in a coach, I thought she gave a perfect answer. I asked myself if I would prefer Nutt, Hatfield, Tuberville or some goober from Utah State over People for AD. The answer was a firm no. I vote for the Iron Lady.

She definitely raised her stock in my eyes, and I am sure many others eyes as well, I just have a feeling the Good Ole Boys already have their definition of an AD and Coach picked. Although, as I’ve said, I think both maybe playing the U of A, and after the handling of the firings and reasons given, no one would blame them for “changing their minds.”

I thought she did a good job also. She was in control and not afraid to make a decision.

My guess is the way it was handled was no surprise to Jimmy Sexton. I suspect he and his client knew the Arkansas job would be officially open last night if the Hogs lost or this morning if they won. He may not come but it won’t be due to the timing or nature of CBB’s dismissal.

I didn’t say that was the reason they wouldn’t come, I said that was the excuse that would be used. I said, I felt they were playing the U of A

LMAO…in control…face it folks she a puppet on a string. She doing the dirty work but that’s her job. That decision was made by big money boosters. I hope they get it right this time.

That would be the job for Paul Rhoads, the interim head coach. He’s done it before when head coach at Iowa State. He knows the drill.