Since recruiting is over and spring ball a few weeks away

Thought I’d dive into an old standby offseason topic: Next year’s unis.

SMU is a Nike school but I don’t think they get as much priority from the Oregon crew as Power 5 schools do. With that said, a few of the Ponies’ unis under the Morris regime follow. Taste of things to come? We shall see:

Blue on blue. We’ve seen plenty of all-red (and despite some people’s belief in a jinx, have often played well and won in all red)

Yep, you guessed it. Anthracite.

Blue over white. Wiz should like this one.

All white roadies with white helmets. SMU has often worn white helmets, including in the Pony Express era, so not a big departure there.

This pic is from an SMU page promoting Homecoming 2017, but it is not clear when it was taken.

I expect much more variety and combinations…and chrome !

We will catch some eyes, I look forward to it.
Look good, feel good, play good!

I’m just glad we are ditching the Black cleats. White looks so much better and it’s no secret the players like them more.

Give me Penn State uniforms and I’m happy.

Me too, but I’m even more happy to win lots of games. And if different uniform combos allow us to recruit better players and win more games, I’m all in for that.


When I read these uniform threads and the resistance to change I feel like at 47 I may be the youngest guys on here!

More the better! I love them.

Sure hope we see red pants and white jerseys I have liked that combination since the Lou Holtz days…

I like the different combinations.

Both of these pictures were for SMU’s home games against TCU - the top one in 2016 and the bottom one in 2014. The top one was part of SMU’s “back the blue” night, which was in response to the shootings in downtown Dallas the summer before. In the helmet was a silhouette of the Dallas skyline.

Yes, as blue uniforms go, I DO like this one.

That’s the problem with having too many uniform combinations . . . hard to tell what game, or even year, a picture is from . . .

Here (below) are some recent mock-ups I asked someone to make for me. The incorporate some of the look that Petrino brought in with his early Adidas unis, but without the “tusk” that was almost unanimously disliked. Just a clean, fresh update to our classic look.

I have no illusions that this is what we will wear - just something I wish we would wear that I thought I’d share . . . since you started this thread.

I’d also like to see red pants with contrasting (white) stripes paired with the white “away” jerseys and red helmets some of the time.

As for the red chrome helmets - Keep them for “special” games, to be broken out only every now and then. Kind of like Notre Dame does with their Green jerseys. Otherwise, the current red helmets are fine - and should be worn with ALL jersey/pant combinations.

I’m not a huge fan of the little strip up around the shoulder. I think it detracts from the clean look you’re going for. Otherwise OK though. I’ve seen more people calling for a return to the Nutt era unis, which were as clean as you’re gonna get.

I’m 41. I just like our traditional look. Red lid of any sort. No anthracite. I do like red pants with road white jersey.

You know I’m 100% on board with the DMac era look. I just don’t mind the piping around the shoulders, and feel it does give a small update to the look. In truth, I would have been totally fine with the Petrino/Adidas uniforms if not for the “tusks”. Wasn’t crazy about the “fat” strip on the side of the pants leg, but it was OK; at least the pants weren’t solid white (or red).

I want us to wear something that makes us bigger stronger faster smarter.
Oh, and makes us WIN!


An ugly win is better than a beautiful loss.
Applies to uniforms, tattoos, hair color or style.